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The Appeal of Horror Movies - Essay Example

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In the research essay “The Appeal of Horror Movies” the author analyzes the appeal of horror movies, which lies in excitement, catharsis, and social fulfillment. Horror movies provide the excitement lacking in a life of mundane routine…
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The Appeal of Horror Movies
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Extract of sample "The Appeal of Horror Movies"

Download file to see previous pages Horror movies have a cathartic effect on the viewer. Many fears, suppressed in real life because of the expected ridicule from peers, can be given vent to at the film: Arachnophobia permits a boy to scream aloud and give vent to his very real fear of spiders. Horror movies also give the viewer emotional escape from real-world anxieties, such as unemployment or debt.
 Horror movies provide an opportunity to exhibit gender roles. Men can show that they are not afraid, while girls are free to act quintessentially ‘feminine.’ There is also the social satisfaction of belonging to a group which exhibits similar reactions. Most often, horror movies are viewed in a group.
 Horror movies satisfy a very real need in humans. The stimulation of the senses gives a keenness to mundane lives; suppressed emotions find expression; there is an escape from the stress of the real world; social bonding is facilitated. It is obvious that horror movies satisfy a basic need in humans. Long live Horror Films!
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The Appeal of Horror Movies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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