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A comparison of Still Lifes by Paul Cezanne and Francisco de Zurbran - Essay Example

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This picture, at present in a private collection, although an indoor still life, is typical of Cezanne’s Impressionist style. He would have been more interested in the impression he was creating than in the actual items depicted. …
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A comparison of Still Lifes by Paul Cezanne and Francisco de Zurbran
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Extract of sample "A comparison of Still Lifes by Paul Cezanne and Francisco de Zurbran"

Download file to see previous pages Most impressionist paintings were done out of doors, many depicting scenes from everyday life, often with several figures and using bright, vibrant colors, and without any emphasis upon exact details. This is more unusually is an indoor scene and a still life, but there are still the bright colors and the lack of exact detail. It is exactly what it was meant to be – an impression of a kitchen scene. The items are very casually laid out, on what appears to be a kitchen table, almost with the appearance of being thrown down, and the background looks as if the artist has used it to clean his brushes, including as it does tiny amounts of many different colors, yet at the same time the viewer is able to distinguish exactly just what is being depicted as clearly as in the much more formal and realistic work earlier work by Zurbáran. Impressionism was not abstract art. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(A Comparison of Still Lifes by Paul Cezanne and Francisco De Zurbran Essay)
A Comparison of Still Lifes by Paul Cezanne and Francisco De Zurbran Essay.
“A Comparison of Still Lifes by Paul Cezanne and Francisco De Zurbran Essay”, n.d.
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