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Hemingway and Cezanne - Sharing a Vision - Research Paper Example

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This paper, Hemingway and Cezanne - Sharing a Vision, stresses that sometimes it seems that art is a living organism that cannot be disjointed into branches. It is so because almost all the thoughts, ideas, theories etc. which once have appeared in one art form necessarily migrate to another. …
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Hemingway and Cezanne - Sharing a Vision
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Extract of sample "Hemingway and Cezanne - Sharing a Vision"

Download file to see previous pages In particular, the unique connection between Ernest Hemingway and Paul Cezanne is manifested through their inclination to the simplicity of presentation and complexity of inner meaning.
Even a person who opens any book written by Hemingway for the first time feels that it will be a completely new and unique experience. Having read at least one page of any of his masterpieces, one understands what the matter is. In the heart of the writer's uniqueness and unusualness, which may seem to be even strangeness for some people, is his writing style. Hemingways technique is really simple, and it is this simplicity that stands out in all his works. This technique was developed by the author during his career as a journalist. In accordance with Wainwright, simplicity, and clarity of his writing style is manifested through plain grammar, austere word choice, accessible and understandable language, and unembellished description. Perhaps, a perfect word that describes Hemingways writing style is “clean” for, in his pieces, he uses simple and rhythmic sentences focused mostly on the representation of bold actions rather than vast descriptions.
The simplicity of Ernest Hemingways writing style is also in the way he presents information to the reader. In this case, it is necessary to mention the so-called “iceberg principle” utilized by the writer in all his works. He does tell much about or even does not tell at all about what a particular character feels and/or thoughts. He omits such delicate things, presents readers with mere facts and actions and makes them figure out what he implies. He does it in such a masterful way that the audience grasps the hidden meaning as if the writer stated it directly.
The way Paul Cezanne created his masterpieces is regarded as a unique case in the history of art.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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