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In the civilized society, family ties have been sacred and respected, for they are a building brick of successful life and great support for an individual. Thereby, a normal sufficient family presupposes right distribution of familial roles among the family members, which are to…
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Hemmingway and OConnor
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Download file to see previous pages There, a man and a girl are shown talking and drinking beer: they are obviously a couple waiting for a train... and, probably, waiting for something else, too. We see that the story is virtually suspended in awaiting for a resolution. The second story provides an image of a “typical” family of the early 1950’s going on a short vacation and eventually facing silly and unexpected accident and death. Reading and interpreting both stories, the reader will inevitably sense that familial ties play a great role in them, detrimental and harmful role. Moreover, both readings can be related to American society, as the conflicts and moral concerns implied in them have been rather relevant in America for decades. “Hills like White Elephants” and “A Good Man is Hard to Find” both illustrate corruption of family ties and incapability of the family members (or lovers) to lend real moral support to a person.
Though the style of Hemmingway excludes any explicit descriptions of the story’s context, one can sense that the American is trying to convince the girl that an abortion is the best solution to the dilemma they are facing (Mellow). Although he tries to convince her softly and seems to comfort her with the idea that they “will be fine afterward” (Hemmingway), his true motivation is visible: he doesn’t want this child (maybe he isn’t ready or finds it hardly affordable to raise a child). Therefore, the role the close (almost familial) ties play in the decision-making the girl faces is unsupportive and even negative. The simple operation, as the American puts it, is supposed to solve rather his than her problems. Another thing arresting the reader’s attention is the way the two characters talk. They seem so distanced from each other, none of them actually listening to what the other says. Thus, presenting their dialogue as talking rather than communicating, Hemmingway might push the reader towards one more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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