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The essay "Hollywood" analyses the name Hollywood because of its fame and cultural identity as the historical center of movies and movie stars the term Hollywood is commonly used as a metonym to describe movies that have been created and done in America…
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Download file to see previous pages  Though Hollywood productions are intended to make money its biggest contribution to the society is that it is a big source of education to the masses who are film and movie lovers in the world teaching them on the on goings in the world and also putting light to how many historical events came about by depicting a mimic of how the actual events were undertaken.Movie Case Study ‘All quiet on the western front’ is 1930 war film based on the Enrich Maria Remarque novel of the same name. It is a realistic and harrowing account of world war 1. The film begins with a military parade followed by a rousing speech by a schoolmaster (Kantorek) convincing his young students to enlist in the army in a bid to save their fatherland. The young enlistees are then seen in basic training “aching” for action. Training is conducted under Himmelstoss a strict disciplinarian who is widely disliked by all the recruits. After a period of little more than marching drills, the recruits are informed that they are going up front in the battle fields. The cadets arrived at the combat zone by train which is in a state of mayhem with soldiers everywhere, incoming bombs, and horse drawn wagons running around.   The new soldiers are very shocked to find that there is no food available at their post since they had not eaten anything since breakfast but they find that their new unit had gone for two days without any food though they have sent out a scrounger to locate something to eat. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...?Running Head: IC HOLLYWOOD CINEMA ic Hollywood Cinema Technological developments in production, distribution andexhibition since the 1980s In the era of advanced technology and globalization, almost everything has advanced to a level that is one notch above the previous decade. As for the film industry, more than 53 countries are producing and endorsing films all over the world. Where some are contending in the field of box office, others compete in the arena of foreign imports for their country. Films can be defined as stories that aim to define cultures of all kind (Sobol & Firmin, 2009). It is not only an entertainment zone of human stories, but it is also a source of investigating identities of...
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...?Hollywood Cinema Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 The Social Importance of Cinema Going to Women during the ical Period of Hollywood 4 Conclusion 10 References 11 Introduction Cinema since the time of its inception into the faculty of visual arts not only did influence the cultural paradigm of a nation, but also did influence the socio-cultural and socio-economic realm of a nation as an enterprise and the amount of resources engaged with it. Hollywood as a seat of film industry, and being the world’s largest one did influence the socio-cultural and socio-economic activity of America right from its classical period. Cinema largely affected the women folk of the nation. Right from their lifestyle to stylistics... ,...
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...? Hollywood Musicals s affilitiation Hollywood Musicals From mid 1920s to early 1940s, Hollywood was saturated by musical films. This was partly because it was the ‘in-thing’ back then and also due to the success of the first motion pictures that incorporated music in their acts. While others ran short of expectations, others were instant hits, raking millions of dollars for the cast (Bucholtz, 2011). Some of the best musical films include Rose of Washington Square, Sun Valley Serenade and Gold diggers of 1935. Like most musical flicks, these three films mostly deal with issues of love and to some extent, a talented artist living in abject poverty, trying as much as he or she can to...
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...ical Hollywood Cinema Order No. 282214 No. of pages: 4 1st 6530 The distinctive style of filmmaking which reigned in Hollywood between the1920s to 1960s has been called the period of ‘Classical Hollywood Cinema,’ a term first used by researchers Janet Staiger, Kristin Thompson and David Bordwell, to describe the pattern of filmmaking in those days. This kind of cinema is marked by a clear and narrative structure, characters whose motivation is psychological, and most importantly continuity in editing. The cinema follows a conventional pattern, and the narrative is taken forward by motivated events or what may be called “the causal effect.” The cinematic style of the period has been...
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...The Role of Film Genre in Hollywood Cinema: Introduction: Cinema is life. The stage is a wonderful place because it depicts various concepts and themes of life—of joys, sorrows, hardships and of achievement. Because cinema is a portrayal of life, we need to study its various forms so that we may be able to appreciate its beauty. The various forms of film are better known as genre. Genres are classifications of films which are based on content, theme, design, narratives, styles, mood, era and situations. These classifications are what we see today on local DVD stores and in film ads. They are categories of what the film is all about. Yet all these are shallow representations of what genre really is. Studying about film...
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...Hollywood Musicals: Movie Review [Pick the Hollywood musicals, as the suggests is the genre of movies in which songs and dance played an important role. The audience loved this factor in the movies. This genre of movies had the combination of various themes i.e., comedy, romance and drama. As in today’s genre technology and special affects work for the movies, songs and music worked for the genre of Hollywood Musicals. In order to analyze few important examples of this genre, it is necessary to mention important and basic features of this era. Hollywood Musicals started off from 1930’s till the late 19th century. This genre is considered as one of the popular genres of Hollywood. It had unique features, elements, themes... and...
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...01 April Hollywood: In the context of film history and criticism, what is an auteur?Auteur is a director or a filmmaker whose influence on the film is of such profound nature that the entire film is stamped by his name. In the context of Rear Window, Hitchcock is rightfully considered an auteur because he obsessively looked after every single aspect of the film himself from editing to set design to costume to sound production. What is meant by the term genre? What genre is Rear Window and what recognizable elements are present in the film that help to identify its generic identity? The term “genre” translates into any category of art form like music, literature, or films. Each genre is marked by a distinctive style of...
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