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The researcher of this essay "Non western art history" explores Elizabeth Keith's “The Cock Fight". This painting shows the Chinese culture and the poor people of China and their only entertainment. This shows their own way of enjoying the “blood sport”…
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Non western art history
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"Non western art history"

Download file to see previous pages The museum contains a collection of more than 14,000 artwork of different artists from Asia, which includes paintings, sculptures, ceramics, textiles etc. Apart from the artwork, there is a research library, which contains more than 7,000 reference books about the art and culture of Asian and Pacific region. The museum contains a lot of interesting and beautiful art pieces by various artists. The sculptures are amazing, because they gave a good view of the culture and art of the region, and I saw many sculptures of Buddha, made in Bronze, Gold etc. I saw a picture by Elizabeth Keith, it was named as “The Cock Fight”, and it was made I China. The painting is placed in the “Oriental list” of the museum. Elizabeth Keith was born in Scotland, and is known to be a great artist, and an interesting thing about her is that she was self-taught. Her sister married an English publisher, who lives in the Asia and Pacific region and works in Japan at that time. Elizabeth went to Japan to meet her sister in1915, and stayed there for quiet a long time. She thought to explore the region and visited the neighboring countries, such as China, Korea and Philippines. She spent her time in water painting the interesting and fascinating scenes, which she witnessed. She made quiet a number of paintings in that time and when she came back in Japan to her sister, she was able to hold an exhibition of her paintings. After looking at her paintings, the entrepreneurial Japanese print publisher, Watanabe Schozaburo., persuaded her to move further on this regard. He convinced her that his carvers and printers would produce woodblock prints for some of her watercolor paintings and this will enhance her work as an artist. This idea fascinated Elizabeth Keith and she prolonged her stay in Japan, and started learning woodblock printing. Her work was highly appreciated and she met success in Japan and her publisher was sure that she would get a huge response in Europe and America as well.
Fritz Capelari, who is an Australian artist, influenced Elizabeth Keith work and Watanabe also published his work. Elizabeth Keith traveled a lot in Asia and especially in East Asia and produced number of paintings, which reflect the culture of the region. Her paintings are very popular in United States and European countries and are counted as an important work when talked about the Asian and Pacific Art. Most of her work was displayed in Watanabe studio and was destroyed in the earthquake, which hit Tokyo in 1923. She went to France for studying Art and stayed for almost six years, but her love for the Eastern region made her come back to Japan and she stayed there for few years, until the World War II started. She came to United States of America, where she completed the remaining years of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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