Some of the acting tools and actor/character elements used by one or more of the actors in this film Do the Right Thing - Essay Example

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“Do the Right Thing” is a film directed by Spike Lee in 1989. The film focuses on the long racial tensions that exist in Brooklyn neighbourhood which escalates to tragedy as well as violence in the neighbourhood on the hottest summer day…
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Some of the acting tools and actor/character elements used by one or more of the actors in this film Do the Right Thing
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Extract of sample "Some of the acting tools and actor/character elements used by one or more of the actors in this film Do the Right Thing"

Discuss some of the acting tools and actor/character elements used by one or more of the actors in this film “Do the Right Thing.” “Do the Right Thing” is a film directed by Spike Lee in 1989. The film focuses on the long racial tensions that exist in Brooklyn neighbourhood which escalates to tragedy as well as violence in the neighbourhood on the hottest summer day. The concept of this film is argued to be based on the director’s historical background. The film has raised a number of themes in regards to racial intolerance, police brutality and violence. There are a lot of acting tools and actor/character elements which have been incorporated into the plot of the film. It is clear that the concept of cinematography has incorporated a lot of effort in the development of each character as well as credence in the plot of the film. As a tool to investigate the acting in the film, method of analysis cinematography will be usedto analyse the film. This method will address some of the following attributes which are imagery, painting a picture, character objective and emotional life. When Mookie goes ahead to cool Tina his girlfriend (14.00) which is played by Perez with ice cubes, there is a form of visual imagery which is shown by this act. Tina’s skin tends to practically smoulder and glow to paint a picture that tries to show that they were burning with desires for each other. It is clear that the methods of analysis which are used in this scene gives a meaning on what the director wants to portray to the audience with regards to the plot of the story (Lee). When Buggin’out consumes a slice at Sal’s(30.04) he questions Sal’s about the wall of fame that he has put up and demands that there should be a wall of fame for black celebrities since the Pizziera is in a black neighbourhood and he is selling pizza to the blacks. This remarks made by Buggin’out makes Sal to be furious and he affirms that the store is his and he has the right to put pictures of Italians on his wall since he is pompous of his origin. An argument is brought up by Buggin’out and this causes Sal to threaten that he will use a baseball bat to bash his head. Buggin’Out later tries to begin a protest with regards to the wall of celebrity but no one apart from Raheem and Smiley will support his protest. The character objective of Buggin’ out is to bring out the concept of racism which exists in neighbourhood. There are a lot of actions that emphasize on the aspect of the film that depicts racism as a major focus of the film. In the afternoon when Sal and Pino (35.07) are talking about the neighbourhood, Sal insists that his store is part of the neighbourhood and he is not leaving despite any protest that may arise. After the talk Pino goes outside of the store and yells at Smiley. Sal watches the confrontation through the window and feels embarrassed. There are emotions which are shown (Lee). When Radio Raheem which is played by Bill Nunn enters the Sal’s (88.15) carrying his boom box and blaring the famous public Enemy’s rap anthem fight the Power there is a lot of tension which flares up in the room. Sal’s bat, due to the flaring emotions of anger, smashes up Raheem’s radio which is his source of pride. This stirs up a fight and in the process the white police are called and Raheem is chocked with the cop’s stick and this leads to his demise. Raheem’s attitude of being honest with his opinion with regards to this scene is that of showing the struggle between the two forces. This scene is the center pain that leads to the events of violence that follow thereafter. The senseless killing of Raheem brings out a of fury and frustration. The scene above of Raheem’s senseless killing also paints a picture of the issue of racism and how it has impacted on the lives of the people in the neighbourhood. The acting tools that have been used in this film clear paints a picture on the plot of the film as well as the structure of the story (Lee). Compare and contrast the performances you analyse in Part one with the performance(s) from the film you discussed in your midterm. The performances that are played by both Raheem and Smiley paint a picture of people who are fighting for equal rights for all the people in the neighbourhood. The performances played by the two actors are similar in that they both try to illustrate how the issue of racism has become a major problem in the neighbourhood. The difference between the two characters is that Raheem is more outspoken and he does not fear going to extreme in order to make his agenda known to the public. Raheem does not fear the authority regardless of the ruthless treatment that is given to those who break the peace in the neighbourhood by taking up protests. Unlike Smiley Raheem continues with his support for more protests regarding racisms and in the process he loses his life after engaging in a confrontation with the police (Lee). Mookie’s and Raheem’s character are also similar in that they both believe in fighting against the natural forces which exist in the neighbourhood. Emotional life is seen in the performances that is put up by the two characters. After the demise of Raheem Mookie is furious with the senseless killing that Raheem faced in the hands of the white police. He launches a protest to condemn the killing. Just the way Raheem tried to protest on the issue of racism Mookie continues with the protests after Raheem’s death. The aspect of cinematography which focuses on the themes that build up the structure of the story tends to bring a comparison of the tools which are used in the film. Spike Lee, the director of the film, ensures that the concept and structure of the story is followed in order to bring out the plot of the story. Both performance done by Mookie, Raheem and Smiley paint a clear picture on the issue of racism. Sal the Italian who owns the pizza store in the neighbourhood brings out racism when he states that he will only put pictures of Italians on his wall of fame. His utterance is in contrast with all the protests that are set up by Mookie, Raheem and Buggin’out against the problem of racism. There are many attributes that are set up to show the comparison and contrast that exists between the performances but the main attributes which have further analysed the film in detail are that of emotional life, center of plain as well as that of the picture painted by a particular scene. Works Cited Lee, Spike: Do the Right Thing.USA, 1989. Retrieved from Read More
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