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Intertextuality in Films - Essay Example

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The essay "Intertextuality in Films" is purposed to demonstrate what the intertextuality is, and how it occurs in films. It is mentioned that It is a very useful concept; some might also say it is essential for literary studies. Generally, it is concerned with the cultural sign system.
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Intertextuality in Films
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Intertextuality in Films

Download file to see previous pages... Intertextuality occurs in popular media such as television shows, movies and even interactive video games. Intertextuality is often used to provide depth to the fictional reality portrayed in the medium, such as characters in one television show mentioning characters from another.intertextuality was first proposed by Julia Kristeva . According to her a single text that can consists of many texts or it is act of changing one set of the sign into another. the use of intertextuality is perhaps the most useful and essential method of ensuring a successful show or film in today’s marketplace. as there are many sources of entertainment available in today’s life apart from films, it is very useful for modern directors to attract a particular audience. many directors and filmmakers refer to previous and old books, novels, songs, history or remake many popular films because the audience get familiar with the next story they see hear or read will remind them of something they have already experienced. it is the tool available to the filmmakers to take advantage of intertextuality.it is the collection of text, people, ideas, new inventions, that interact with each other to form a framework or community in which to relate the thoughts and influence each other. It is the relationship, influence and conversation between the texts. One of the example is The O.C. is the best example of television using intertextuality, with its frequent references to movie characters and comic books such Spider-Man, and Star Wars protagonist Luke Skywalker. ...
films on superhero Superman are also inspired by his herioc actins and

stunts in comics and stories and series on television. Drama series Lost has a

huge number of interextual tie-ins, including websites, broadcasts, and even

a novel written by a character, which purport elements from the series to be

real.Not only does the concept reveal the author's sources, it also aids in

understanding the text at hand. Through intertexuality the reader may

recognize concepts that possess similar qualities of a previously read work.

Since the reader is familiar with texts that a work may or may not have built

from, the reader him/herself has found an avenue into the text through the

work's relationship to other texts. The discovery of a relationship provides

the reader with a starting point which aids to unfold the meaning of the piece.

The reader will find it easier to uncover the avenues that exist into the piece

if he/she has read a wide range of books.

For example within a film(one frame) an advertisement (other frame) of a

product can be shown, such as billboard in a scene. The film in turn is a part

of genre movies or film. On television, advertisement, often allude to other

advertisement of the same product such as series of advertisement of the

same products or television personalities or programmes.it is the standards

of textuality in discourse analysis but is also relevant.Intertextuality is

closely related to media and film industry. for example many films begin

with the credits rolling as a car, a train or stage travels across a landscape and

arrives at a town. It may refer far more than influences of the writers to each


On television, advertisement, often allude to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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