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Intertextuality - Essay Example

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When we read one text, we feel as if it links to another text that has been previously written. This is mainly for literary texts but media may also use this concept to link, say, one film with another. One text…
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Download file to see previous pages Whether it is a reference or a criticism, texts are most often found to be interconnected. This is what we call intertextuality. This helps us understand why a certain author is using the content of another author, how he is using it, and what his intention behind it is. A writer may use the name of the book or a reference to another text, the name of a certain character inside the book, or reference to a certain scene. The work is borrowed and reapplied in a unique way so that the reading not only becomes interesting but also becomes strong in foundation. The purpose of intertextuality is the comparison of the two texts so that the reader may know what is the similarity or difference between the two texts; or, the strengthening of the text at hand so that it may contain examples. We all know that examples and references make something stronger and easier to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Mashup, remix, fandom, intertextuality, music simulacrum

... of the same title brought the band a Grammy award (Hess 189). Some of the controversies encompassing remix are the questions of originality versus copying or unique aura versus reproducibility. According to Gaylor, those do not always go hand in hand and a remix is not an act of piracy, because of the intertextuality (Gaylor web). Works Cited Gaylor, Brett, dir. RIP: A Remix Manifesto. Vimeo, 2010. Web. 25 Jan. 2012. . Gunkel, David. "Rethinking the digital remix: Mash-ups and the metaphysics of sound recording." Popular Music and Society. Mendeley. 31.4 (2008): 489-510. Print.  Hess, Mickey. Hip Hop in America: A Regional Guide: East Coast and West Coast. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 2010. Print. Navas, Eduardo... development with ideas...
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Intertextuality in Contemporary Writing

...Intertextuality in Contemporary Writing There is much to be argued about intertextuality. While each attempts to use individual thought and ideas in their writing, is that truly possible And if it is, is that truly desirable Even looking back to Shakespeare, who used stories and ideas from other writers, and then layered in his stories context and subtext that all relate to other stories and ideas written. So, then, do texts owe more to their authors or to other texts It is a challenging question, and one that takes time to review. While the text owes to the author for creation, it also owes to other texts for concepts, wordplay, and the ebb and flow of the story. However, it must first be...
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Intertextuality in Films

...INTERTEXTUALITY IN FILMS What is intertextuality Intertextuality can be defined as shaping , recreating or re-producing of texts' by other text .it is a relationship that exist between different texts or it the reference in one text to other. Intertextuality is the method where one text plays upon other texts. The basic concept of intertextuality is that no text, much as it might like to appear so, is original and unique in itself. It is very useful concept; some might also say it is essential for literary studies. generally it is concerned with the cultural sign system. ...
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An Examination of Intertextuality Between Alice Munros Simons Luck and Margaret Atwoods Happy Endings

...An Examination of Intertextuality Between Alice Munro's "Simon's Luck" and Margaret Atwood's "Happy Endings" Literary tradition has never been afraid to escape from reality, as exemplified through such texts as Dante's Divine Comedy or Spenser's Faerie Queen. Part of this stems from the fact that humans frequently accept the possibility that if the mind can conceive of a notion, it can exist; another part of this is a psychological tendency of humans to dwell upon or even create past memories and alternate futures. Furthermore, since World War II, the general population has become more familiar with the essence of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle (that since a particle cannot be calculated to be in any one of two...
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Intertextuality and Interpretation of Meaning

...Structure and Meaning in Literary Dis linguistics Thesis ment: In the critical dis on post-colonial writings, intertextuality, along with reciprocal interpretation based on authorship, provides the best literary approach in arriving at the exact meaning in literary discourse, and Michael Anthony's "They better don't stop the Carnival" offers a prime illustration of the relationship between intertextuality and interpretation of meaning. Linguistic and Literary Issue 1: Literary texts are 'knots in a discursive network' and "literary history is but a specific parcel within a history of the dialogic relation between (1) the different discourses composing a culture, and (2) the different institutions' - not taken as a 'thing... ' but as a...
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Kristervas concept of Intertextuality

...Each text is haunted by the others, the earlier by the later, the later by the earlier Intertextuality is a ghost effect.' Discuss The intertextuality of two novels as apparently unique as James Joyce's Ulysses and Vladimir Nabokov's Pale Fire might appear to be a daunting task, but it is clear that there are relationships between them. The idea of an intertextual relationship with a present text with one of the past, while the concept of a novel mirroring one that has yet to be written is rather more tenuous. However, if one text can be considered as essentially foreshadowing in a predictive way what will come in the future, then such a relationship is possible. This is particularly the...
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...Running Head: Intertextuality Intertextuality in 'Like the Night' by Alejo Carpentier and 'Dunyazadiad' by John Barth Rajeev Bhattacharjee Academia Research In post modern fiction, a text is seen as a parsimonious plural where numerous voices hold dialogues with each other. Under such circumstances, the idea of intertextuality or the influences upon a text is definitely paramount. A text breaks away from the myth of filiation and follows the infinite adjournment of the signified. Thereby, there cannot be any absolute locus of meaning to be found in the text and it consists of a play of signifiers which have meaning, not in themselves, but in relation to other signifiers. Since...
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Intertextuality In Films

...PAGE INDEX Introduction to intertextuality What in intertextuality? Different examples of intertextuality Ex:-Intertextual report of series superman Applications of intertextuality in mass media INTERTEXTUALITY IN FILMS What is intertextuality? Intertextuality can be defined as shaping , recreating or re-producing of texts’ by other text .it is a relationship that exist between different texts or it the reference in one text to other. Intertextuality is the method where one text plays upon other texts. The basic concept of...
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The Concepts of Intertextuality and Interdiscursivity and the Adjustments a Translator has to Make in Order to Convey Similar Implicatures in a Translated Version

... This paper introduces the theoretical background to the concepts of intertextuality and interdiscursivity, explaining where these terms come from, and what they mean in contemporary linguistics studies. After this a number of challenges are identified which face a translator who aims to take account of these two concepts in his or her work. Several concrete examples are presented from English and other languages to illustrate both small scale and large scale adjustments which have been made by translators in order to convey the implicatures of their chosen sources. Finally, conclusions are drawn regarding the effectiveness and limitations of these adjustments which translators can make when aiming to achieve the best...
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Discussion 1

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