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Formal Methods in Software and Systems Modeling: Animation - Research Proposal Example

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The paper “Formal Methods in Software and Systems Modeling: Animation” looks at the film industry, which seems to be making huge economic gains. The advances in technology in addition help to build finer characters which the society associates with…
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Formal Methods in Software and Systems Modeling: Animation
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Download file to see previous pages These building blocks include the sounds and images. The value of aesthetics in animation cannot be quantified. It may appear subtle. However, aesthetics in animation plays a vital role. In other fields like cinemas, the content within a storyline as well as the storyline itself play the aesthetic role. By use of aesthetics, a story may be delivered as intended, or it may deliver the contradictory message. The thrill in collaboration of images and pixels of objects surpasses the verbal grasp. For this reason, an animation may appear to be imaginary or real (Kreowski & Ehrig, 2005).
In order to deliver the best aesthetics in animation, one needs to consider the coherence of the artificial models. Poor aesthetics, on the other hand, may be able to result in the delivery of the wrong message. This could make a film to appear disengaging or even unprofessional. When making animated films, attention to aesthetics is inevitable. Proper aesthetics helps the audience to build their trust in the product. Consequently, they may forget that they are watching a film. This helps in impacting the intended emotions in the audience (Pikkov, & Näripea, 2010).
In animation, style may be referred to as the preferences of the filmmaker in the choice of aesthetics. A filmmaker’s style may be determined by the kinds of models of worlds that he chooses to lean on. The choice of style depends on the consideration of its purity and authenticity. In addition, they may choose to exploit their prowess, experience, and knowledge. Often, the filmmakers may not be quite aware of their choice of style. These filmmakers perform their chores so faithfully and naturally (Carroll, 2001).
Style generates itself through a combination of ideas of the filmmaker. In essence, style emanates through the product as compared to the inputs.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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