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Peppermint Candy - Essay Example

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Dictatorship between 1979 to late 1990s in Korea clearly comes out in the movie Peppermint. During this period, the public became increasingly agitated towards the dictatorship leadership that affected the country…
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Peppermint Candy
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Download file to see previous pages The events of the movie coincide with the actual events in the history books. Yeong-Ho, an emergency military member fights the uprising as a soldier. He serves the dictatorial government and tends to uphold the orthodox practice of dictatorship. Yeong-Ho kills a schoolchild. In the real world, the dictatorial military fought against the uprising. This led to mass murder and accidental deaths of innocent bystanders in the same time span depicted by the movie. Historiography as evident in Peppermint Candy serves a crucial role in the society by highlighting the concepts of consciousness and mind. Organizations, governments, individuals and families can understand the motivation behind specific actions by gathering mental experiences within a given time in a process known as consciousness. Additionally, as one studies the mind of an individual, it becomes simple to determine the reasons behind specific actions especially dictatorship. Yeong-Ho tortures the uprising captives. The captives are in bad shape as seen in their health. The national historic attack of 1980 where the dictatorial government deployed more than 20,000 troops in Gwanju, documents that many people died, others survived with severe physical or mental impairments while others permanently separated with their family members. The unsettled conscience of Yeong Ho as he transforms from innocence to brutality is clear. However, the perpetrator indicates the universal struggles of South Korean citizens at the time of the dictatorial rule and subsequent attacks.
Peppermint Candy story begins in 1970. Soyoung Yeong-Ho emerges as the main character to join the military system of the land. Prior to this period, people were mostly peaceful though there were other earlier uprisings. This accurately depicts that the countries were calm before the Gwanju uprising gained momentum and the country fell into internal wars and massacre of its own citizens. The movie properly describes the dictatorial ideologies and structures employed by the existing government. The claims of upholding anti-communism ideas allowed the dictatorial military to perpetrate their unjustified and inhumane attack on citizens. According to history, after the Korean War, South Korea marked North Korea as its enemy due to its communist ideas. The south forged a National Security Law to foster national security. However, this served to provide a platform for the dictatorial government to classify various social groups that poses threats such as labor societies and advocators of democracy. It is evident that enemies of the state experienced imprisonment, detention, torture and death. The movie portrays this fact because the raids were not secretive and soldiers were not worried about their actions because the National Security Law protected them. Soyoung Yeong-Ho takes the audience through the military brutal operations because he is a perpetrator himself. According to Soyoung (63) while the movie describes the period as time of “ice war”, cold war was taking place. The world’s cold war was characterized by economic race. This was a period of financial crises across parts of Europe that reflected on Asian countries. Korea hit its highest peak of financial trouble in 1997, six years after the USA’s cold war allegedly ends. The timelines in the movie coincide with the actual IMF crises that befell the country after the cold ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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