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I selected a five minute segment from the film "This is England": one of the films discussed in class for the first week. The paper discusses and analyses the formal film elements in "This is England"…
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This Is England
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"This Is England"

Download file to see previous pages The segment of the film was between 1:31:10 and 1:34:09 in the film "This is England". We chose to analyze the segment because it builds a good platform for the art. The segment also gives the spectator of what happened in England in 1980's, as the segment shows images of various iconic signs like the rubies cube, the segment also shows the gritty elements of war people faced in Falklands and England. The violence images and anarchy combined with the archive footage of the harmless periods of the 1980's. This creates a concrete contrast and creates the feeling of viewers to continue watching to find out what happened. The segment shows images of people and event that have effects on the actors, which are revealed in the segment, and the footage reminds us the aspects: give viewers knowledge about the environment and offers the anarchic setting that is present throughout the film. The shots of the film principle character occur immediately after the titles. The connections show the relationship between Shaun and rebellious archive footage previously in the film. The segment shows the soldier's picture by Shaun's bed and this shows enigma codes as the viewers need to know the connections. Margaret Thatcher voice is heard on the radio, which Shaun immediately turn it off: it gives the viewers the knowledge of attitudes on the prime minister at that time. Camera work. The segment has various ways of presenting "This is England", similar to what has been used in the entire film. The segment shows how the natural lighting is employed to show the realism effect. That is the way the producers used to produce "This is England". The segment is portrayed as a documentary, and the style presents things as they occur daily. Such realities are crowds, classes, and marriage. The segment does no different as documentary in concentrating on the principle character. The segment shows natural lighting consisting of light and dark. The segment shows the film at day and during the night, which makes it easy to film; because extra lighting is not required. The segment is presented in such a way that it shows the British at war and ways in which the society is united. The segment shows a hand held camera which confirms that this is a social realist art: they are low budget arts, so everything uses fewer tools and materials. Handheld camera helps the spectator to gain an insight and it involve the spectator to watch the film. At this segment, there are a variety of shots used: this makes the segment effective as the viewer is able to see all the various angles and ways of seeing something. Sounds. The soundtrack used in this segment is a diegetic sound. This type of soundtrack shows that the art is real because the spectator is able to hear the natural sounds. The sound is also used in the entire film. The producer analyzed the sound because viewers do not normally notice these sounds every day. Diegetic sound tells the visual story. Diegetic sound is another instrument to tell the story of the author. In "This is England" segment, the producer draws the viewer by shifting from the diegetic to non-diegetic. The segment changes the role of the music in the piece, he engages the viewer in the action. Also, the segment pulls off the viewer from the scene to separate the spectators from the story. The segment also uses traditional effects of sound and Foley to leverage the sounds of diegetic. The segment uses digenetic to toy with the spectators: mislead the viewers. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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This Is England Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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