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The Black Death caused the lives of the majority of the European nations’ population.1With medical science unfavorably lackluster during the 14th century, people were not prepared for the bubonic plague disease.2 The paper delves on the Black Death spread into England. The…
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Balck Death in England
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Download file to see previous pages The Yersinia Pestis bacteria triggered England’s version of the Black Death. The fleas were the confirmed carriers of the deadly bacteria. The fleas attached themselves on the bodies of rats. The fleas sucked the blood of the rats. The Black Death pandemic reached the shores of England during a few years prior to 1350.4
Furthermore, the Black Death pandemic is known as the bubonic plague. The pandemic originally came from China. The travelers using the trade routes from China to England carried the plague. Some of the flea-infested rats hid behind grain sacks and other products transported through the trade routes from China ot England.5 Since quarantine was not yet in place, England was not able to detect whether individuals entering England were infected with the Black Death (Bubonic Plague). Since medical science did not have adequate knowledge on how to spot, vaccinate, or kill the deadly bacteria, more people died from healthcare ignorance.6
The bacteria-infected fleas carrying the deadly bacteria rode on the rat’s body. The rats lived inside the holes of the people’s homes. Consequently, the fleas were able to bite the human residents7. When the fleas sucked the human residents’ blood, the bacteria entered human victims. Inside the human host, the bacteria immediately lodged itself in the human’s lymphatic system. Inside the system, the bacteria start to increase in quantity. They increased bacteria group’s swelling was classified as buboes. This was how the bubonic plague identification was crafted. After several days in the lymphatic system, the increased bacteria population attacks the human victims’ blood. Next, the bacteria infect the human victims’ spleen. Further, the bacteria invade the human victims’ spleen. Finally, the victims succumb to the overwhelming infection. Death is inevitable.8
The Black Death triggered a reduction on the England population. An estimated fifty percent of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Balck Death in England Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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