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The Law and Punishment in 1800s - Essay Example

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The essay "The Law and Punishment in 1800s" describes the Bloody Code, the law acted against the poor who could not even afford their daily meals. It is stated that the black code law punishment given by wealthy upper social class judges created terror among the poor citizen in England in 1800. …
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The Law and Punishment in 1800s
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"The Law and Punishment in 1800s"

Download file to see previous pages Felonies were the most common crimes and they attracted a severe punishment than the minor offences. Felonies were either clergyable or non-clergyable . The difference between clergyable and non-clergyable felonies was based on the fact whether the offenders could claim the benefit of clergy or not . The clergy benefited ministers accused of criminal capital offences. The laws required them to be charged by the church, which many a time did not impose capital punishment. Whereas this rule was primarily intended for the clerics, in the later years it was interpreted to include the people who could read and write. However, the courts that were based on church doctrines could not deal with serious crimes like manslaughter. Once accused of a felony the defendants could plead guilty imprisoned for one year and send home rather than killed by hanging which was the case in the most crimes . Initially, the Tudor stature provided the offenders who pleaded clergy committed to one-year incarceration and left but this was rarely followed in 1800 . In addition, the offenders were only required to plead clergy once after which they were not eligible to plead clergy again. During the first plead, they could be branded on the thumb as a warning not to repeat the crime and sent home. However, the subsequent crimes were punishable. Thus, the offenders with clergyable offence only got two types of punishments in the first case, the thumb sign and or fine to cover the expenses of the case . ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“The Law and Punishment in 1800s Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words”, n.d.
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