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FASHION : Visibility is a trap (2nd) - Essay Example

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According to French Philosopher, Michael Foucault, visibility is a trap. He argues that surveillance is an aspect of modern society and the visual is also the principal means by which we are regulated and controlled. From this argument, it can be observed that modern day people are concerned about their appearances and they behave according to the prevailing norms at that particular time…
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FASHION ESSAY: Visibility is a trap (2nd)
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FASHION : Visibility is a trap (2nd)

Download file to see previous pages... Surveillance comes in different forms such as CCTV cameras and consumer images are also used to enable people to expand their digital presence. The society is composed of people and their culture which is characterised by aspects such as religion, attitudes, language, education as well as dressing among other factors (Ivancevich, Konopake & Matteson, 2011). These aspects characterise the population of a nation and they also shape the behaviour of people in different areas as well as their values. Ivancevich, Konopake & Matteson (2011, p. 36), define values “guidelines and beliefs that a person uses when confronted with a situation in which a choice must be made.” People have different values with regards to the aspect of dressing since they consider this as a very important aspect of their culture. Of notable concern is the fact that the norms in terms of dressing are constantly changing and people are forced to behave in a certain way in order to keep pace with these changes. Culture plays a role in shaping the way we perceive our bodies and appearances in terms of dressing. ...
It can be observed that through globalization and development of new information and communication technology such as satellite broadcasting, it is possible for people to consume the culture of other people. In this case, it can be seen that the western countries which are powerful and dominant control the means of communication thereby imposing their culture as superior to other cultures especially of developing nations (Rodrick, 2001). The western countries have also commodified their cultures such that they are viewed as the norm by people from different parts of the globe who consume their media products. By virtue of selling their clothes to other people from different parts of the globe, it can be seen that the westerners will also be selling their culture to the same people. The recipients are by far likely to be manipulated by this culture since they are forced to view it as more superior than their own culture. Different cultures in different countries are facing extinction due to what is termed acculturation (Rodrick, 2001). In terms of appearance, the western type of dressing is often regarded as the epitome of good looking, elegance and beauty. Western fashion such as stiletto heel has been popularised in different parts of the world where it has been perceived as the standard measure of quality fashion. The image below shows a stiletto heel shoe. Image of stiletto heel Source: http://www.crystalgraphics.com/powerpictures/images.photos.asp?ss=stiletto%20heels These shoes are preferred by professional women since they epitomise elegance and high esteem associated with high class status in society. These shoes are quite expensive compared to ordinary shoes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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