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The author of this article make a review of science fiction film ‘Cloud Atlas’ written and directed by The Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer, its plot, main characters, how they are connected and what influence they make to each other despite of difference in time…
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Cloud Atlas movie
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Download file to see previous pages The second story starts showing the concerns for a young bi-sexual English man known by the name of Robert Frobisher. He ran from one place to another hiding from the debts he had gathered, a bad habit of gambling right after his disinheritance by his fathers will back in 1931. This English man went to Belgium with a plan so that he could crawl his way into a famous music composer's menage, with the help of his offerings and his dexterous musical skills he managed to put a roof above his head and earns some money for his pocket. Vyvyan Ayrs was a syphilitic and egotistical old man who was still belligerent to write music, and hired Frobisher, unknown to the facts of the English man’s secret life. Frobisher detailed his experience in the form of letters which he mailed them regularly to his best friend the back in England, Mr. Rufus Six Smith. As time passed by, everything went better than Frobisher had anticipated for. He became an essential asset for the musician’s musical conformations, Frobisher illegally slept with the old man's wife, stole and altered documents from the old musician’s estate, so that he could sell them for the needed cash urge he had in his past life. In one of these items, Frobisher found, was a copy of Adam ‘The advocate's journal’. Frobisher started to create his own music, a genius who began to arise and the bi-sexual began to write his first symphony, the Cloud Atlas Sextet. The movie then fast forwards to the nineteenth century, 1970 California where a journalist Luisa Rey was found investigating possible dangerous insinuations of a new-fangled nuclear plant being constructed. She meets Rufus Six smith, who was an elderly physicist, and the one whose reports would expose the real truth behind the...
Movie Review – Cloud Atlas talks about six different stories that rally back and forth through time. The first story starts with the scene of the mid eighteenth century from the South Pacific region when an American lawyer named Adam Ewing take a trip by ship from the island of Chatham Isle and travel back to San Francisco. The second story begins displaying young bi-sexual English man named Robert Frobisher. He ran from one place to another hiding from the debts he had gathered, a bad habit of gambling right after his disinheritance by his fathers will back in 1931. The movie then fast forwards to the nineteenth century, 1970 California where a correspondent Luisa Rey was found investigating possible dangerous insinuations of a new-fangled nuclear plant being constructed. In the fourth epilogue we met Mr. Timothy Cavendish present-day here in England, where a small flourishing publishing business suddenly accomplishes huge triumph when one of the movies broadcasted became a huge success. The movie then takes the audiences towards the 22nd century where most of the earth had been diseased and the remaining citizens had overcrowded into large cities run by conglomerates. Finally we come across the final story which is set in an un-sociable future of the iron-age in Hawaii. These six stories in the movie Cloud Atlas explored most comparable themes, but each story is presented in a different manner which immensely differentiates its viewpoints. The prettiness of these stories is that they are one way or another inter-twined within each other. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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