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Hazard and vulnerability analysis - Essay Example

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Health Sciences and Medicine Hazard and Vulnerability Analysis Hazard and Vulnerability Analysis Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA) is carried out for evaluating the hazards, their risk of actual occurrence, impacts on the lives, property, and business…
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Hazard and vulnerability analysis
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Download file to see previous pages The mitigation refers to the activities that are intended to prevent a disaster or to minimize the chances while preparedness consists of plans and preparations to save the people and properties from the disaster. Response involves action undertaken to prevent further property damage; whereas recovery involves actions that help to return to normal or safer situations. In this Emergency Response Plan, three emergencies are being analyzed, namely hurricane, massive hail, and severe drought covering the area of Irving community, Texas. The hazard and vulnerability analysis conducted on these disasters explains the severity of the emergencies and their impacts on the lives and property of the people. Risk Index Table Hazard Massive Hail Hurricane Drought Magnitude Catastrophic Catastrophic Critical Frequency Highly Likely Likely Likely Seasonal Pattern Spring, Summer Spring Summer Duration Short Varies Long Speed of Onset 6-12 hours 12-24 hours More than 24 hours Priority 1 2 3 (Source: FEMA, 2011) 1. Massive Hailstorm Hailstorm is seen in the form of balls or uneven lumps of ice consisting precipitation. The hails are formed when the clouds move upwards carrying raindrops into exceedingly cold areas of the atmosphere. Usually hail has a diameter of five millimeters or more, and the small particles are called as either ice pellets or snow pellets. The impacts of hailstorm are similar to the blizzard conditions, and the massive falling of hails spoil the agriculture and property. The Natural Resources Canada (2009) explains that hailstorms occur most commonly between May and July; and generally, the storms occur in the afternoon with the hails falling down for about six to ten minutes. Frequency: - The frequency of the hailstorm is recurrent and affects the Irving. Duration: - The duration of the hailstorm is normally six to ten minutes, and sometimes even higher. Vicinity Extent: - The area affected by the hailstorm is extensive. Speed of Onset: - The speed of onset for a hailstorm varies according to the storm. Spatial Dispersion: - The Spatial dispersion for a hailstorm is considered to be extensive. Seasonal Pattern: - Most of the hailstorm usually occurs between Spring and Summer but has chances to occur during the other periods around the year. Risk: - The risk of occurring hailstorm in the Irving is high. There are reported cases of mortality due to the massive hailstorm. There are risks of economic loss too. Previous Incident: - A thunderstorm with large hail-storming caused damages by sweeping past the North-Central Texas in May, 1999. It also caused heavy floods in some of the areas. Issues faced by ERP: - The Irving community was affected by the hailstorm in the recent past. Together with other hazards like thunderstorm and tornadoes, hailstorm is potential to cause severe destruction of buildings and roads, and even deaths. Emergency Response Plan: - The first step is to prepare and maintain an advance warning system for the community. An enhanced communication system must educate the population about the dangers that can be caused by a hailstorm. Some buildings must be maintained as storm shelters for the public. Besides, the population must keep in contact with the local weather experts. 2. Hurricane Generally, a hurricane is a cyclone. A cyclone is a closed flow developing about a low pressure centre in which the wind rotates anticlockwise in the Northern Hemisphere. It rotates clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere with a diameter averages of 10 ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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