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Talk about four ways in which sound is connected or disconnected from image in The Conversation. For example, do they jar, comp - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Visual Arts and Film Studies As technology develops to provide room for advanced sound systems in the film industry, the soundtrack has become an integral aspect of productions. Sound is truly on par in relation to film as a significant element to control and manipulate during and after production…
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Talk about four ways in which sound is connected or disconnected from image in The Conversation. For example, do they jar, comp
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Extract of sample "Talk about four ways in which sound is connected or disconnected from image in The Conversation. For example, do they jar, comp"

Download file to see previous pages The article will discuss several ways in which sound disconnects or connected from the image in “The Conversation” by Francis Ford Coppola. Introduction According to Cowie in his text “Picking up The Conversation,” Francis’ career in film making involves more than twenty-five films all through a forty-year career his acclaims as a film director attribute to his participation with “The Godfather” movies. Such a positive affiliation, indeed, has served Francis well all through the challenges in his career and diminished the effects of his essential work. In 1974, Coppola wrote and was a director of “The Conversation,” which is a scene that went immensely unnoticed because of the immediate release of The Godfather Part 2. Even though, both of the scenes contributed to the nomination of Oscar for Coppola, the triumph of The Godfather contributed to the fading of The Conversation into a level of under appreciation (Cowie, Picking up The Conversation). Nevertheless, in Dec. 2000 Paramount Home Video produced a new DVD of The Conversation. This digital video will enhance the film lovers to praise and see it as it provides the right format for a scene. This is because the film producer invested in attracting not only the visual sense of the viewers, but also their attention. Francis Coppola hardly limited channeling his creative traits towards the scene because he reinvented the utilization of sound. Just the same as Robert Altman did four years ago with MASH, Coppola accomplished his story because of sound application. The utilization of sound by Coppola in the film The Conversation is an aspect that makes the scene a unique and provides the audience with a cinematic experience. The Conversation, although released initially in 1974, it was perfect timing because it was when people had little faith towards the political institutions. The scene addresses, in broad, the increasing sense of people’s mistrust towards the political institutions. Through a creative and masterful sound use, Francis takes a significant advantage of suspicion and apprehension of the audience. Even though, the occupation of Coppola puts him in a high position, his technology use is a cause of skewed perception in relation to reality. While looking for truth in the midst of the conversation in the film, Coppola utilizes self-engineering modern technologies. The technologies aim at eradicating every intrusive noise that might affect the quality of the recording. However, the use of self-engineering technology did harm to the film because it eliminated the realness aspect of the film’s conversation. Harry directs his assistant to pay extra attention towards the recording and little attention to what the characters are talking about. This is similar to the distinction that people draw between listening and hearing. As Harry hears the words from the conversation, he hardly listens to what the words mean. It is not because of Harry’s personality or his achievements that made him a mark; rather it is the sophistication of sound that made his opponents. More so, through the audio maneuvering, “The Conversation” does not only narrate Harry Cauls’ story, but also the American story. “The Conversation” by Francis Ford Coppola The producer of “The Conversation” created sound track separately from images and was inclusive of three elements: ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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