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The researcher of this essay explores the art movement of Art Deco. "Art Deco" has an attribute of including technology. Its ability to incorporate technology in its works differentiates it from Art Nouveau. Bevis Hiller defined it as a modern technique…
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Art Deco
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Download file to see previous pages In its initial stages, it highlighted faith in technological and social progress, luxury, exuberance, and glamour. The term Art Deco became popular in 1966, in a French exhibition, in 1925. In this event, the term helped to differentiate French art works of the Belle Epoque from art works of the time. In addition, it describes a number of crafts developed in the Entre Deux Guerres period, and also developed by the Bauhaus. Nonetheless, since it started in France, there is a claim that it should be utilized to works associated with the French and those made in nations with direct influence from France. The Art Deco period has lasted from 1925 during an event to exhibit novel concepts in applied arts. Its inspiration largely came from ancient art from all over the globe. In the 1920s, inexpensive means of travel allowed direct contact to several, societies, communities, and cultures. In addition, there was a common interest in archeology because of excavations in areas, for example, the tomb of Tutankhamun and at Pompeii, Troy. Designers and artists incorporated Machine age elements with decorations from ancient Greece, Oceanic, Egypt, Asia, Mesopotamia, Rome, and Mesoamerica. Also, Futurism, Constructivism, Modernism, Functionalism, and Cubism contributed to its development. The sculptor, the cubists and other art workers worked together to decorate a Studio House in 1927, with a number of them designing the staircase, others the fountain, others the Cubist rug, and others the fireplace mantel. Art Deco also highlights geometric forms, for example, sunburst, spheres, chevrons, polygons, zigzags, trapezoids, and rectangles motifs. There is an organization of the components in symmetrical designs. There is also utilization of modern materials, for example, plastics, aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, and Bakelite. In addition, there is also the use of lacquer and stained glass inlays. Its colors also appear to be high-contrast and vivid. Moreover, it was a popular international style that influenced a large field of design. It was also largely utilized in consumer goods, for example, clocks, automobiles, jewelry, furniture, textiles and electronic goods, for example, jukeboxes, radios, and telephones (Bayer 14). Additionally, Art Deco influenced cinema, architecture, graphic arts, interior design, fashion, and industrial design. Amusement parks, public works projects, movie palaces, and ocean liners also employed Art Deco during the 1930s. Nevertheless, the negative effects caused by World War II made Art Deco decrease in reputation. A renaissance of attention started in the 1960s. Moreover, there has been the development of a style associated with Art Deco referred to as Streamline. This style started in the beginning of 1930. Streamline got its inspiration from contemporary principles of aerodynamics to decrease air friction at soaring swiftness. Manufacturers used the elements to buildings, cars, gas pumps, trains, refrigerators, and ships. The Chrysler Airflow of 1933 was one of the first vehicles manufactured from this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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