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Impression on Gothic stained glass - Research Paper Example

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Stained glasses are works of arts that show case a unique skill in glass manipulation to create beauty. Stained glasses were originally used in church windows and the windows and doors of other significant buildings…
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Impression on Gothic stained glass
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Download file to see previous pages This informed the research and evolution of the pre historic stained glasses manufactured by the Egyptians and Romans to the modern day fully fledged industry responsible for the creation of the three dimensional impressions with their stained glasses. The manufacture of stained glass is both an art and craft that requires artistic dexterity to create unique designs capable of communicating idealistically and effectively. Additionally, the art requires engineering knowhow to balance the several features of construction to develop a strong window or door. A window particularly the large ones are heavy, additionally, glass naturally heavy and fragile, in designing such doors, the engineers must therefore balance the weight of the structures to resist the tendency of glasses breaking. Windows and doors resist other external pressures such as wind, these have the force capable of breaking a glass, the design of a glass window therefore incorporates the capabilities to resist such external forces but remain light enough to avoid piling pressure on frames. Additionally, window and doorframes are made in particular designs and shapes. Glass is known for its ease to break, this makes manipulating one difficult. The creation of a stained window or door glass therefore considers all these features making it quite a profession.
The early western civilization involved extensive usage of stained glasses to decorate their buildings. It was one of the key indicators of social status owing to their high prices. The glasses were therefore commonly used in churches and other public structures such as county halls and in the decoration of royal palaces. The early civilization used these glasses to communicate, arts communicates through diverse means. The manipulation of the stained glasses offered unparalleled mode of communication that could be used to preserve images besides decoration. Most church windows frames were therefore fitted with religious portraits of the heavenly beings such as angels, Jesus and God Himself. These collectively aided the creation of a spiritual theme around churches and other religious places. Arts make use of a number of elements to communicate the ideas of the artists. One of these elements is color, every color has a meaning, this therefore implies that the use and choice of a specific color is determined by the message that the artist intended to communicate. The stained glasses communicate through color; they largely employ the use of different colors to create different illusions thereby communicating differently depending on the purpose of the glass and its creator. To decorate places and royal facilities, artists used a gold impression, these gave the facilities an aspect of importance and class. Royalties always portrayed an essence of more self worth, they therefore demanded the creation of exceptionally beautiful structures manufactured and coated with the most expensive rocks (Elizabeth 45). Gothic artifacts are scary impressions; some that portray instill fear in their audience, the stained glass technology excels in the creation of such thereby developing a horrific feeling in a room fitted with such windows and doors. The glass stained windows are deigned either figuratively or non figuratively. A figurative design relates a story behind the design. In churches, the stories ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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