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Landscape paintings from famous painters - Term Paper Example

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The Chinese art began in the early years; it is well designed to represent diverse aspects of life. Political, cultural, artistic and religion are key concepts illustrated by this contemporary art. The Chinese landscape painting has recorded notable developments from southern Song dynasty to Ming dynasty…
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Landscape paintings from famous painters
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"Landscape paintings from famous painters"

Download file to see previous pages In this period, painting used more colours especially seal brown which was particularly common (Selin 25). In addition, new painting techniques emerged, art painting combined with calligraphy to produce broad scale paintings. As a result, there was the creation of new schools to accommodate students interested in the art study. The development occurred over stages from the early Ming, the mid Ming and finally the late Ming period. These stages were characterized by different symbols such as the increase and decline of schools. The early Ming period was intensively affected by Southern Song traditions; this was between the years 1368-1505. A significant breakthrough was through Chen Chun who introduced the Chinese landscape painting. The ink and paint used was best suit for durable landscape painting. The Zhe School was part of the southern school and Dai Jin was in charge, they specialized in large decorative paintings. Their contemporary paintings were different from those of the Wu School. In Ma-Xia school, there is an organized group of Chinese Landscape artists known as Xia Gui and Ma Yuan. The groups are named after famous landscape artists of the time (Ye and Zhenggang 75). The main importance of landscape artwork is to create a different feeling in the minds of their audience. It demonstrates a vast atmosphere that is void and a limitless space feeling with images of trees and mountains to represent the landscape. Xia and Ma are the leading artists who design these pictures. They use unique ways to create presentable pictures; a lot of ink is used to attain the desired angular appearance (Leffman 23). The Xia Gui (1195-1224) existed in the early Ming dynasty and was one of the works of Xia. The works of this artist were ordinary, done using ink monochrome and several colours. He was the founder of the Ma-Xia school of landscape painting. His artwork is identified by angular strokes that are sharp and short. This style depicts an age of rapid execution. The birth and the death dates of Xia are not known, but during his life, he worked in the Imperial Academy. This is where he received the Golden Belt award as the best painter of the court. Xia was born in the capital of china at that time in the city of Hangzhou where the imperial court was located in the 12th century. It is at this place where he and his counterpart Ma- Xia concentrated on painting and emerged the best painters. He followed the steps of traditional painting by drawing the objects in his surrounding such as buildings and eventually the entire landscape. His painting of the album leaf that is fan-shaped is a stylistically artistic presentation. The album leaf is found in two museums, one in Japan, and the other in the National Museum in Tokyo. It is an exemplary illustration of the landscape paintings of Xia. In addition, he composed the famous hand scroll, which individual inscrolls to view from one end to another. It represented a journey that was imaginary journey, and uses rich ink of monochrome style. He also uses contrasts that are tonal to give the hand scroll an intensive bulk used to illustrate rocks. Xia uses the composition of Remote and Pure View that gives a picture of void and solid, far and nearby using colours of different schemes. There are many of his exceptional artworks in many museums such as the hanging scroll. His paintings have considerable significance in the political ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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