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Titian and Renaissance - Research Paper Example

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Name Subject Date Titian and Renaissance Thesis: A creative potential of Titian, a representative of the epoch of Renaissance, especially Late Renaissance, is an interesting reflection of painterly tradition and coloristic reflections of that epoch…
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Titian and Renaissance
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Download file to see previous pages Venetian reflection of color and a special atmosphere of Venetian style are combined with traditional Renaissance traditions. Titian works are full of emotions; even in his portraits we can see an intense emotional charge. Further on we will focus our attention on his two famous paintings: Portrait of Isabella d’Este and Christ and the Adulteress. These works signify common and different features of Titian paintings and those ones of Leonardo daVinci. We will try to underline common and different features between them, but of course, the main part of our attention concerns Titian paintings and the relevance of his style to the epoch of Renaissance. First of all, we should look for the features of aesthetic in his paintings. Moreover, there is a need to claim that the painter reflected ideally both humans and nature. He was looking for an ideal balance between the nature and the human world. An air of harmony is evident in the paintings of Titian. Christ and Adulteress This painting belongs to the High Renaissance period. The theme of adulteress is depicted in a dynamic nature by Titian. It is evident that this painting reflects a changeable and a controversial nature of this situation. We can see gorgeous clothes of the accused woman. This tendency we can also see in other paintings of the painter, because social status of the citizens of the Venetian society. It is very important to underline the contrast of the gorgeous clothes of Jesus Christ, the Adulteress and people around them. His background reflects nature from the remote perspective. We are enchanted by the green landscapes and there are blurred limits of the horizon and it is very interesting to consider the smallest details of the painting. Thus, Titian shows that he is much more concerned about the foreground of the painting (Christ and the Adulteress). The sea and green landscapes, which can be seen at the background of the painting, are of minimal concern for the painter. On the example of the vanishing line of green grass, we can see that the painter does not exactly draw a visible path between individuals, depicted on the painting. There is an evident opposition between the light and darkness of the painting. The building has dark edges and it is especially evident on the background a bright green color. The image of a woman is leaning her head and we can claim that this woman confessed all her mistakes and she seems to be blessed. We can compare this painting with the painting The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. Emotions are reflected on the faces of people around the table. The same actions are depicted on the painting by Titian. People on the painting are fixed in their certain conditions and emotional states. Therefore, the painting by Titian is an emotionally-charged and rich in color creative work. Portrait of Isabella d’Este We can see an ideal woman. The image of this noble and wealthy woman has been depicted by numerous painters. Therefore, she was considered to be an ideal image of a woman during the period of Renaissance. We can claim that the background for this image and her depiction we can see in the works by Petrarch: she has blonde hair, fair skin, beautiful lips and cheeks, and almond-shaped blue-green eyes. Therefore, there was a well-accpeted tendency to depict noble women in the way they liked. They wanted to be ideals and idols of beauty for the painters. There are letters of Isabella d’Este, where she asks for making her portrait and appeals for Master Leonardo da Vinci. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Titian and Renaissance Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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