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Van Goghs The Starry Night - Assignment Example

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The research “Van Gogh’s The Starry Night” delves on viewing one Museum art piece. The research delves on interpreting the museum’s and painter’s reasons for displaying and creating the chosen art masterpiece. Art Masterpieces include the painter’s historical information and feelings…
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Van Goghs The Starry Night
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Extract of sample "Van Goghs The Starry Night"

Download file to see previous pages Description of the painting. The picture appears in the beginning as one of the top museum paintings. The Van Gogh signature draws the multitude of museum visitors to ensure they revel in the painting’s exquisite painting craftsmanship. Initially, the painting shows its oil painting story in a very moving way. The painting deeply moves the audiences to understand why Van Gogh is such a genius in the painting genre. The painting’s well guarded museum location captivates the hearts and minds of the museum viewers. The symmetrically changing color hues complement the other colors and color metamorphosis concept of Van Gogh. Initially, the painting sparks the audiences’ curiosity to learn more about the painter’s hidden and obvious messages.
Research affirms the above discussion. Fred Orton reiterated that Van Gogh created the painting as a depiction of the Gethsemane Garden consolation. Van Gogh’s deeply religious Netherland upbringing precipitated to the creation of the painting (1997, 327). Van Gogh incorporated the Agony in the Garden bible story in the creation of the painting.
The museum curator has very favorable reasons for displaying the Van Gogh painting, The Starry Night, in the current Museum of Modern Art location. My visit to the museum indicated that the art piece, The Starry Night, is very old. The museum staff informed me that the 1889 painting was done by the world famous artist, Vincent Van Gogh.
Observing the painting, the art piece is on display in the Museum of Modern Art. The art is classified as on canvas type. The masterpiece is 29 x 35.75 inches (74.7 x 92 cm). The painting shows a blue night sky. The sky is littered with bright yellow stars. The picture shows san entire community of houses basking in the bright full moon’s serene night light.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Van Goghs The Starry Night Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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