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Author Tutor Course Date Take-Home Exam Introduction Cultural hybridity details a term used to describe societies emerging from contacts on culture between explorers of Europe and those people they explore. Hybridity places emphasis on the mutual intermingling of the major and minor cultures, as opposed to the dominance of a major culture over a minor culture…
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Cultural Hybridity Details
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Download file to see previous pages The paper will examine whether cultural hybridity can be regarded as good. In addition, the paper seeks to explore whether cultural hybridity is disliked but believed to be inevitable. Moreover, the paper will focus on whether cultural purity should be somehow maintained. In the discussion, the paper will include references drawn from art. Is Cultural Hybridity Good? At a time when the world witnesses frequent migration of people, from one continent and country to another, there is, increasingly, interaction between people and a steady growth in cultural hybridity. In my opinion, cultural hybridity is good based on the impact it has on a culture. The process of cultural hybridization plays a crucial role in helping people to understand the process of cultural change. Cultural hybridity also stimulates scholars to have a close examination of the hybridization of the past. In this case, it has helped in the understanding of renaissance, a movement aimed at the revival of antiquity. Through cultural hybridity, Japan borrowed some aspects of art and culture from Europe. For instance, during the 17th Century, most Japanese were converted to Christianity by protestant and Catholic missionaries (Dower 1-84). In addition, cultural hybridity saw the spread of Southern artwork, which had originated from parts of Europe. This included visual imagery such as large folding screens that depicted the harbor at Nagasaki having foreigners with their trade ships. Moreover, cultural hybridity can be regarded as good since it led to the spread of both secular and religious paintings that emanated from European sources. Cultural hybridity can be said to be good since it led to the spread such works of art as drawings. Such drawings included “Portrait of Perry, A North American.” Cultural hybridity can be regarded as good since it encompasses Transculturation, which is essential in understanding the specificity of a continent. Cultural hybridity leads to new cultural synthesis, thus becoming a key element of American’s developing imaginary. The realization of cultural identity is also fueled to some extent by cultural hybridity, as it leads to the understanding that identity mostly encompasses the plurality in the cultural uniqueness of a culture. It is through cultural hybridity that people come to the realization of the distinctive features of a culture in terms of politics, ethnicity and social uniqueness (Dower 1-84). A form of artwork such as lithography also spread through cultural hybridity; it emanated from the works of a German by the name Aloys Senefelder, in 1798. People from various places have learnt that this work of art entails a process whereby the top of a surface is used in making a picture. The spread of various art forms can be attributed to cultural hybridity. Through the spread of artwork, cultural hybridity serves to create favourable relations between groups of people who interact while sharing artworks. Thus, the hybridization of cultural can be regarded as an essential phenomenon (Dower 1-84). Do you dislike it but believe it is inevitable? I do not dislike cultural hybridity, but it is my belief that it can be termed as inevitable owing to its remarkable impact. Once various cultures interact with one another, it becomes evident that they will exchange some traits between them. For instance, each culture comes to learn the way of doing things, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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