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Hybrid Cultural Object - Essay Example

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The object may be used by the community as a sign of particular social event such as peace, wealth or supernatural form. The object is thus an important image in the daily…
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Hybrid Cultural Object
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Download file to see previous pages Language entails the sharing of ideas and thoughts from one person to the other. The culture of the language has been evolving from one community to another. The evolving nature of language has led to the object of communication being improved to a level of being termed as a hybrid language.
The most common element of this tool is the use of signs and symbols to communicate. The use of signs has developed significantly due to the interaction of human beings from different regions around the globe. The pressure to find out an aspect of sign language that would unify different cultures in the region have led to the scientific study of signs; semiotics. Signs having been developing, and this study helps the human diversity to know how they are supposed to behave in a particular situation without there being a second person to engage in the verbal communication (Ipsen). The hybrid nature of communication in this state is that signs are being developed into a global unified way that every community get aligned to the communication base to one another. In other words, the signs developed are familiar to everyone around the globe.
The global awareness and unity in communication have been established by the fact that there is an organised system that the signs follow. Since there is an organised way of communicating through the use of signs, every stakeholder in the signs language will follow the laid down system. The following of the laid down rules and regulations help different cultural groups to have a unified sign that helps in communication. When a person at one corner of the world sees an image or a picture representing, a situation will be able to give the meaning from the picture and interpret it. Therefore, a person can analyse the situation and act accordingly. It is the globally accepted picture that will help the reader to communicate accordingly in that situation.
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