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Art Worksheet - Assignment Example

In Step 3, you go beyond what the work means to you and judge the work. Do you think it was successful? How does it make sense? The goal of these three steps is to understand the organization and a strategy for writing about visual art. You will also be prepared for your next assignment, when you will write about another art work for the Critical Art Essay. Where do I find an art form to write about? Here is a list of locations where you can look at visual art. When you choose an art work to write about, Remember that you must see the work in-person, and the work you choose should have been done after 1945. Wexner Center for the Arts - http://wexarts.org Columbus Museum of Art - http://columbusmuseum.org King Arts Complex - http://kingartscomplex.com Ohio State University Urban Arts Space - http://uas.osu.edu/exhibition/current Swing Space Gallery (in the Gateway Center) - http://www.columbusarts.com/orgs/7099-swing-space-gallery/ Ohio Art League (in the Gateway Center) – http://oal.org/gallery Short North Galleries and Studios – http://shortnorth.org When you get to your location, look at the art works there are choose one to write about. Make sure you choose a work you feel an affinity for, or you may find it difficult to write about it. Turn to Step 1 to start your analysis. Complete the all three (3) steps on this worksheet in MS Word and upload it to the Art Worksheet Dropbox. STEP 1 The goal for this step is to look at a work of art in detail. This skill is important because it leads

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Crile’s pieces are closer to the real picture of Abu Ghraib prison scandal. It feels as if the colorful volumes which Botero offers the sight of prison substantiate a setting where criminals are rightfully tortured and one would somehow sense the perception of contentment that these people have had monsters in them which ought to be treated with purging or absolute punishment they deserve.
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The salient feature of this type of music was it had a free tempo and a melodic sway dictated by the Latin liturgical texts. The belief is that Pope Gregory I (reigned 590-604) was the pioneer who codified them paving way to the universal usage all over the western Catholic Church.
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These lines provide and outline prominent shapes and thin lines are used to depict distance and fine shapes of the body. The shapes that are shown in the art work are human faces (Madonna and
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More space is visually eminent due to the tomb located below the figures giving more depth. The vault also exemplifies greater depth and volume in perspectives. Van der Weyden’s Deposition is smaller in size with more figures painted closer to each other.
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Yes, these questions relate to certain themes or key questions discussed in the class readings. For example, there was division of
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During the era, Leonardo paintings included the last supper, virgin and child with St Anne including St John the Baptist and the Mona Lisa
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If the toaster had contained any images painted on its surface, for instance, it could have been perceived as a work of art. The point is one might as well consider certain object to be art, while others wont. The abstract painting at the
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to a more detailed understanding of a visual art form and provides substantial information you will use later in this work sheet. If you are allowed to take a picture of the art work at the exhibit location, please insert an image no larger than 5 inches high or wide at the end of the document. For Step 1.a and 1.b, you will analyze the art work, focusing on literally what you see. STEP 1.a Examine the art work from side to side and corner to corner. Look for parts of the work you would not have noticed at first. You might notice something new when you return to an area of the work. What we want you to write down are the aspects (or qualities) of the art. Record at least 10 aspects of the art work in the table below: Avoid naming the art work you describe. If you need a way to get started, take a few minutes to study the work. Try making a list of descriptive words, adjectives, nouns and verbs at the bottom of the page. Also try to think of different or familiar objects that you could refer to for comparison. Be specific. Avoid simple descriptions of basic colors and shapes. Instead of "green," for example, use "lima bean green" or “grass green." Describe relationships of the work with other spaces. Instead of "six inches wide" or "thirty feet high," write tall as two story house, large as a laptop, small as my cell phone, etc. These relationships help you identify context of the art work. Aspect 1 Rust as an old knife Aspect 6 Luminous as neon ads Aspect 2 Smoldering orange Aspect 7 Hot as fire Aspect 3 Radiant yellow Aspect 8 Blurred as vision of a person with cataract Aspect 4 Like the calm before the storm Aspect 9 Enigmatic as the smile of Mona Lisa Aspect 5 Painful as a shot Aspect 10 As large as life STEP 1.b From the aspects you recorded in Step 1.a, write five (5) well-developed sentences describing the work. Write about what you perceive as movement within the piece (Review the discussion of movement in your textbook). Write about relationships between


Art Worksheet Your Name _ This worksheet is designed to prepare you with critical skills for analyzing a visual art work. Follow the steps in this worksheet carefully and it will help you organize your thinking. In Step 1, you will analyze the art work in detail…
Art Worksheet Assignment
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