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Photo Galleries' Masterpieces - Essay Example

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The essay “Photo Galleries' Masterpieces” expresses the author’s impressions of the modern photoartists' art pieces. Yoko Ono's Light show and war themes, consequences and terms of oil production by Edward Burtynsky, Peter Fraser’s Invisible Cities telling about his travelings etc. …
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Photo Galleries Masterpieces
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"Photo Galleries' Masterpieces"

Download file to see previous pages Paris never looked that beautiful under the rays of the scorching sun. Natural beauty was at its best! Belin pictures were completely devoid of any form of aliveness. These twelve black and white gelatin prints housed inside this gallery soothed my nerves. These pictures of Paris showed different historical stages of this place. She took out the history and the personality of the objects and used these as an inspiration for her amazing photographs. 
Valerie Belin was born in 1964 in Paris and held numerable exhibitions before this like the ones in Centre Georges Pompidou, Foundation Cartier pours l’art Contemporain, Museum of Modern Art, New York etc. Belin gave her pictures a weird mysterious look by combing two negatives together. there was no human presence in the pictures she captured it with a black and white effect, contrasting the light effects. Some details given to the photograph made it so mesmerizing and compelled me to ponder on Belin’s outstanding photography skills. She used modern technology in the best possible way and gave her pictures a more dreamlike pictorial effect. One viewed these pictures as drawings, not photographs due to their mystic beauty and artistic shades. At one corner of the gallery, crystal vases and glasses laid on the table. She scrutinized the light spectrum of these inanimate objects and focused on the primary process of her photography. The best of all were the pictures of Dancer at the lido, magicians and fruit basket. 
Supernaturalism of Belin’s work was revealed through her pictures with a less documentary effect. She demonstrated her painterly view in these art pictures which were far away from naturalism which forced me to think of a question regarding the ambiguous scenes that were a part of these pictures. These were captured at oblique angles with perfection and made baroque and disquieting beauty a part of them. One thing I noted was that these pictures had illusions of the external world which made these images artificial and enchanted with fantasies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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