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Should Art Galleries or Museums or Heritage Sites Avoid Controversy or Not - Essay Example

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This essay, Should Art Galleries or Museums or Heritage Sites Avoid Controversy or Not?, stresses that Museums display artifacts of different civilizations and cultures. Some groups or individuals criticise the items displayed in the museums. Controversies may unexpectedly rear its head…
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Should Art Galleries or Museums or Heritage Sites Avoid Controversy or Not
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Extract of sample "Should Art Galleries or Museums or Heritage Sites Avoid Controversy or Not"

Download file to see previous pages Museums should steer clear of controversies. Controversies contribute to unnecessarily unfavorable images of the museum.
The museums display artifacts representing different civilizations and cultures. Some quarters criticise the items displayed in the museum’s shelves. Controversies may unexpectedly appear. Individuals have different interpretations of the works of art. For a priest, nude painting is not an acceptable art alternative. The nude painting creates a vivid picture that the artist used a naked female model to finish the artwork. Museums should avoid controversies. Controversies trigger an unfavorable museum image.
The word controversy equates to conflict. A conflict occurs when different sides have opposing views. Conflicts may lead to court cases. In other situations, a conflict creates animosity between the disagreeing parties. The news reports of controversies will not be good on the image of the affected museums.
The above Rosetta Stone artifact is one example of a museum controversy. The controversy creates an unfavorable image that Our British Museum stole the Egyptian artifacts. In the controversy between the British Museum and Egypt, Egypt demands that the British Museum should return the Egypt artifacts. Egypt claims that Egypt is the owner of the artifacts displayed in the British Museum. This claim creates an impression on the public that the British Museum holds stolen property. Consequently, Egypt bombards the news outlets with statements that damage the reputation of the British Museum. 
Further, the controversy states Egypt wants the Rosetta Stone returned to Egypt. However, our British Museum refuses to comply with Egypt’s demand. Similarly, Egypt insists that the Neues Museum should return Nefertiti’s Bust. The Neues Museum is located in Berlin, Germany.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Should Art Galleries or Museums or Heritage Sites Avoid Controversy or Essay.
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