Ways in which Movies distort our image of the World - Essay Example

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A movie, which is also called a motion picture, is a set of still or moving images. A film production requires one to make images through animation or visual effects. Movies are powerful tools of educating the target group and a source of entertainment, too…
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Ways in which Movies distort our image of the World
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Extract of sample "Ways in which Movies distort our image of the World"

Download file to see previous pages Technology has made it possible for movies to portray a particular skill or culture to those who watch them. The fun in watching a movie has made writers to take up the design of perfect movies for some of their books to attract people. This paper is a discussion of ways in which movies distort our view of the world. The director of a movie makes clear that the movie is as interesting as possible, so the people watching it tend to associate themselves with every bit of the movie. Movies tend to distort our perception of the world in many ways. First, movies tend to present false statements to some doubts that existed in the past. They tend to confirm the actual existence of that which we doubted. Although movies may at times distort the actual event, they serve as evidence of existence. For instance in the movie “Incident at Oglala” where two FBI agents were killed in 1970, some evidence is presented of the existence of a conflict between the government and AIM members. Individuals who watch this movie tend to sympathise with Mr. Peltier who is presented by the film producer as convicted without enough evidence (“Incident at Oglala”). This evidence is not the whole truth. Secondly, movies distort the subject of love. Love portrayed in movies is kind and the relationship between the two people is ideal. Most of the present day soap operas present the theme of love as the main theme. However, the movies present ideal situations that are hard if not impossible to achieve in the real world. Most of these movies are cast in rich and glamorous environments leaving the viewers with the wrong impression of the reality of life. The love between these characters is always passionate and the two find a way to spend time with each other. The couples spend their evenings having candle lit dinners, and in this way a true love is described. At times, a couple will adorn the whole house with roses to surprise the partner either his or her birthday or about some other celebration. On watching such movies, it is possible to hold onto such images and think they depict the entire truth about love. This has frustrated many young people in relationships because they want their love life to take the form of movie stars they have watched. The subject of love is fascinating and leaves people with good emotions that they want to hold on to for the rest of their lives. Movies provide the right emotions of the moment and, if taken at its face value, can ruin one’s true love life. Thirdly, different movie characters can distort our position. Movie stars have a good life, dress well, and enjoy what they do. Many viewers would do anything to live the way the movie stars live. It does not come by surprise that movie stars are able to influence fashion trends across the world. Movie cliches spread fast among viewers and become a form of language for many people. According to Famiano and Nickerson, “Primarily, they are less tangible, more perfect, and more predictable. In other words, they are stereotyped” (Famiano and Nickerson). To the fans, movie stars are true and communicate great power that represents success. Therefore, fans will identify themselves with their idols in different ways. They will talk like them, dress like them, and acquire some of their other behavioural traits. To the fans, movies depict great power and expertise carried by the actors. This is not true in many instances. Fourthly, movies distort our ethics and morals. Ethics is a system of guidelines that govern a community’s daily life. Because the law cannot reject all inappropriate or negative behaviours, professionals use it to their advantage. Ethics are self-driven, based on personal values, and the desire to do the right thing. After ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Ways in Which Movies Distort Our Image of the World Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/visual-arts-film-studies/1451713-any-topic-around-the-film-that-particularly.
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