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Phenomenon of Realism in Films - Movie Review Example

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The paper “Phenomenon of Realism in Films” intends to draw conclusions that the realism of the film depends on the individual viewer’s perception. Those who believe that realistic films are themselves a reality are mistaken, films only realistically represent situations or imitate realism.
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Phenomenon of Realism in Films
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Download file to see previous pages The overview provided has been illustrated with five case studies. Then the paper moves towards critical analysis of the concept of realism in motion pictures. After that, the article highlights different types of realism movements till date. An interesting feature provided in the feature after that is whether Brechtian theatre or in later periods, Brechtian denaturalized movies fall under the concept of neorealism. After distinguishing realism from naturalism, the article provides an in-depth analysis of the acceptance of the level of realism in motion pictures. Hence, the paper ends with a conclusion, drawing from the areas explored and remarking on the extent of realism and its blending effect with imagination.
Media is a gift of science. Starting from a newspaper, media received a new dimension through the advent of movies. In its nascent stage movies were considered as a means of passing time reflecting love and hate, joy and sorrow, good and that time it was speechless, quite similar to ‘mime’. Everything changed with the advent of Charlie Chaplin, the great American actor, and director who started to convey a message to the society through his movies. He did this in a quite light manner such that the audience fell off their seats while laughing but his message was not light at all. Over the time gradually the technology providing speech to the characters were grasped and incorporated into the cinema. This made it quite easy to make people understand what is the actual inherent idea of the director. In true sense, realism stands for what actually happens in our life. So realism in movies may be taken as a three-dimensional representation of the reality. However, interestingly, the definition of realism has not been followed in its true sense in movies. Directors, in whatever they present as movies claimed that to be real. That is why Frederico Fellini, Coppola, Satyajit Ray on one hand and Alfred Hitchcock, Tarantino and Michael Winner on the other, belonged to different categories but claimed to provide realistic movies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Phenomenon of Realism in Films Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6250 Words.
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