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Chinese traditional landscape painting technology to draw the visual art picture - Assignment Example

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The essay analyzes Chinese traditional landscape painting technology to draw the visual art picture. Painting a sunset is a definite relaxing and soothing experience for all. The colors are comforting and pleasant for the eyes. . There are many options to pain a sunset one of the most favorite option…
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Chinese traditional landscape painting technology to draw the visual art picture
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Download file to see previous pages The essay "Chinese traditional landscape painting technology to draw the visual art picture" explores traditional landscape painting in China. The first thing to paint a picture is to have an idea what to paint. This involves a little bit of thought process to have a clear picture in mind what you want to put down on the canvas. To paint the sunset is not only difficult but also a challenging task for which you have to make sure in mind what you are actually trying to pain. The sunset of the Sydney Opera House is a definite choice for artists. The best would be to visit the place and see it with your own eyes during the exotic sunset. Our eyes are one of the best creations of God, which absorb the beautiful scenery and stores in our mind this makes it easier to put it on canvas. If however, you cannot visit the Sydney house Opera, you must see the pictures of other authentic artists, of the sunset. This would give you a clear idea of how you should start. Traditional Chinese Painting techniques are definitely easy to learn for the children of this era but difficult to be skilled at. Since every stroke in Chinese methods of painting requires full concentration and focus, it is a better approach to make the children learn how to focus on an object in painting. Many Chinese artists suggest that these kinds of painting techniques give you a sense of satisfaction and pleasure and stabilize your moods. By Painting the Sydney opera with Chinese painting techniques, the children will get sensitive to colors....
Preparing the Canvas The size of the canvas is really important if you are painting the sunset at Sydney Opera house. Once you have selected your canvas, you need to select the medium you want to use for your paining, be it acrylic colors or water colors or only Chinese ink, you can use any medium to transfer your ideas on the canvas (Fong, 2001). The first thing is to wet your canvas starting with larger strokes. It will not only absorb the colors but will also amalgamate them really well. Use a larger Chinese brush preferably 1.5’’ wide. To wet your canvas you can use water, liquid white or oils. Layers should be applied to the canvas until it is completely wet. You can also use rice paper as your canvas which is widely used in Chinese paintings (Silbergeld, 1985). Starting up with the picture To start with the Sydney Opera picture, you need to first figure out the objects of primary and secondary importance. For example, the Sydney Opera house, the sun and the bridge are of primary importance whereas the trees in the sides, the far away buildings and water are of secondary importance in the picture. Once decided, you need to outline the entire picture with gentle pencil strokes starting with the primary objects like the Sydney opera house, a brief outline in pencil is required, and the lines must be crisp and concise. Next, start outlining the bridge and the sun. Emphasize on minute detailing of the pillars of the bridge and pay attention to the architecture (Hamm, 1988). You can optionally outline in pencil or a nude paint color to outline the objects of your picture. Next, start with the secondary objects of the picture like the buildings, the trees and the water. It is suggested to use the Chinese ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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