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The Movie Disclosure as a Depiction of Office Politics - Essay Example

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Name: Disclosure Introduction The movie Disclosure is a depiction of office politics. The movie tackles the issue of sexual harassment and its effects in the work place. The movie is set on the computer industry on its growth in the mid 1990s. The film invites the audience to look critically into the ethical and social implications of being engaged in improper behavior in the working environment…
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The Movie Disclosure as a Depiction of Office Politics
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Download file to see previous pages The plot starts to develop when tom sanders (Michael Douglas) misses a promotion opportunity which ended up being given to his ex girlfriend Meredith (Demi Moore) instead. The new boss tries to rekindle the relationship by aggressively urging Tom to reconsider. Tom is steadfast in refusing her advances since he is happily married and now a family man. Tom has a momentary lapse of judgment, and almost gives in to Meredith’s advances, but quickly recovers rejecting her. This prompts Meredith to get back at him by falsely accusing him of sexual harassment. This .leads to tom being offered an ultimatum of being fired or being reassign. However, Tom fights for his innocence and various twists in the plot characterize the rest of the film. The film was captivating for the whole length and the twists that characterize the film keep the audience movie e interested. The film was fascinating and kept me glued on the screen until the end. The movie is a depiction of the reality of sexual harassment in the workplace. The movie elicited strong feelings from the audience in that there were mixed reactions on the issues explored by the film. The movie impressed critics, and the audience with its twists and the gripping storyline on sex and power in the office. The cast was also commended for their brilliant displays in bringing the film to life through their roles. The role of Demi more as the villain was commended in that she portrayed the role of a dreadful boss brilliantly. The movie also had a negative reaction from viewers in that some factions felt that the film was too graphical. They also felt that the plot was only used to justify the explicit scenes that characterized the film. The reaction of the audience was mixed in terms of interest in the film, since the film had astonishing financial success totaling over $200 million. The movie was commended for shedding light into the unethical practice that individuals go through in the workplace. It took the social responsibility of addressing the social issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. The cast was well picked, and they fit into their roles with ease. The plot was a complex one, but the cast did a remarkable job in bringing out the issue being addressed in the film. The leading characters were brilliant throughout the film, and Michael Douglas did an outstanding job in playing the role of a victimized employee. He relates brilliantly with the dilemma that victims of sexual harassment face especially if they are subordinates in a working environment. Demi Moore is believable in her part as the villain in the movie. She depicts the role of an abusive and powerful boss who is aggressive and does not accept being denied her desires. She empowers the women in her role in that she exudes power. The directing of the film was nevertheless found wanting in that the movie lacked the creative passion. The director was seen to be trying too hard to strengthen his credentials in the film industry. Nevertheless, he is successful at bringing out the conflict and dilemma brought about by the story. The movie’s plot was taken from the book Disclosure by Michael Crichton. The plot was largely borrowed from the story in the book, making the two works largely similar. There are, however, differences in that the movie is more engaging and brings to life the plot of the book. The story is clearly brought ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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