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Postmodernism in Modern Society - Research Paper Example

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In the last few decades, there have been remarkable revolutions in the fields of visual arts and film sector.The changes in the ways of doing things in the contemporary arts sector are believed to be brought about by postmodernism. …
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Postmodernism in Modern Society
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Download file to see previous pages There has been a contracting debate on postmodernism among architects and plastic and visual artists. As defined by architectures, postmodernism is taking half from the traditional ways of doing things and getting the others from supplementary sources to develop a blended component. It entails using modern approach to address traditional issues in architecture. The same thing applies to visual arts. In visual arts, postmodernism is the process of blending conventional arts with new arts. There has been mixture of traditional medium of printing and the modern means of printing and designing in modern visual arts. In music, postmodernism has a remarkable impact to the method of dancing, instruments used and the costumes used in dancing. Although traditional music does not significantly change, there are some aspects of the music which are affected by postmodernism. Change in music arts, styles, and costumes has an impact on artist way of living.1 Postmodernism in visual arts has a complex history. Many scholars in the field are not confident in using the term since they believe it wiped away practices and techniques that existed in the field over the last thirty years. Although, there is no agreement on the components appropriate to define the current changes in visual art, postmodern arts is described as the art developed after the diminish of modern arts in 1960s. The movement that defines postmodernism includes the pattern painting in the mid 1970s. During this time, Americans celebrated both non-geometric and geometric arts. Artists were reacting against the Puritanism of negligible and abstract arts. The second widespread movement was Neo-Expressionism which occurred in the late 1970s and early 1980s. At this time, practitioners were advocating for the return of traditional sculptures and painting art. This movement was common among German expressionists. There was also another movement that occurred in mid 1980s called Neo-Geo. Practitioners in this movement were parodying the previous movements. They used Day-Glo colors to communicate their message. The actors in this movement were contradicting with Neo-Expressionist idea on postmodernism. The other commonly known movement was New British sculpture. This involved the sculptures of common artists at that time. According to them, there was decay in United Kingdom urban environment which led to waste of consumer community in the country. They also intended to explore the manners in which different objects were given meaning in the society. There was also Super-Realism movement which took place between 1960s and 1970s. This movement was also called Photo-Realism. The pioneers of this movement were trying to express their dissatisfaction with the application of photography in the arts of painting. Nevertheless, their concern was on technical predicament of putting light and tones on a surface instead of general verisimilitude.2 In general, postmodernism art is due to the reaction of modernist arts obsession. Postmodernism is the reintroduction of morals, ornaments and decorations in art and sculptures. At around 1967, art magazines were occupied with sleek cube form, but in 1969, this was substituted with photographic image, language, ongoing process and natural substances. Most of postmodern artists portray nonchalance in addressing mismatched styles. They combine different style in one art. In this case, they lack purity and uniformity in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Postmodernism in Modern Society Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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