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Connection Between Human and Nature - Research Paper Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Connection between Human and Nature Introduction It is true that there is a link between the natural world and man, not just for the sake of satisfying his or her basic needs but also in his quest to appreciate the order in which natural world was formed…
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Connection Between Human and Nature
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Download file to see previous pages However, over the years, this connection between man and nature is seen to have been steadily dwindling as a result of scientific and technological innovation. Humans in some degree are trying to segregate and themselves from nature either through alternative ways of satisfying his or her basic needs. Personally, I ascribe to the school of thought that advances the theory that humans are part of nature and that a connection between the two exists. However, other schools of thought advance the theory that humans are only God’s creation and do not have any connection with other animals or nature at large. For this reason, I am motivated to attempt and create artistic impressions that communicate, support and will be able to remind the whole universe how important our connection with nature is, especially in these times of persistent natural disasters. Almost each and everyone living human being depend on nature by consuming the products of nature for survival. For instance, in my culture, an essential or staple food for humans is rice which is a product of nature which keeps people of my culture connected to nature. I will utilize rice and its various characteristics in an artistic way to try and illustrate the connection humans have with nature. In addition, I will also investigate works by other prominent contemporary and historical artists that have illustrated in one way or the other, the connection between humans and nature. Discussion One day as I sat in my room looking at my roommate who spends almost all his days and nights seated on a chair playing computer games and consuming un-natural junk food, and barely steps out of the room, an inkling struck me. Is there a connection between humans and nature? How does this relationship between human and nature work? I decided that I would use art to visualize my thoughts regarding the connection between human and nature. To do this, I chose to use rice since coming from South Korea where rice is the staple food consumed by almost every Korean on a daily basis, it indicates the existence of the connection between human and nature even if one is living in a city. In my artwork, I use rice to represent people. According to my understanding of nature, there are three different kinds of people. There are those people like my roommate who cannot live without technology whose only true connection with nature is food. However, this group of person depend on a lot of junk food which are in some way unnatural and thus their connection to nature is very weak. In my artwork, I use whole white rice to represent this group of persons. The other group of people are those who live in towns or cities and depend on technology too, but still want to reconnect with nature through the type foods they consume or their environment. This group I represent using half white and half brown rice. The third group of people are those native people living in jungles or in natural environments and wholesomely depending on nature for their survival. I represent this group of people with whole brown rice. Why white and brown? Rice is naturally brown when it is first harvested. As it is being refined, it becomes whiter. This in relation to humans and nature, before the advent of civilization, humans wholly depended on nature for everything. With time, and through science and technology, this dependence and connection have gradually diminished. Therefore, using brown to represent people who are still connected to nature, and white for those who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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