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Visual Arts - Visual Project - Term Paper Example

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Course: Year: Subject: Visual Arts and Film Studies Assignment: Visual Project Student: Tutor: Introduction A famous saying goes; a picture says a thousand words. Images have the power to stir up people’s emotions and rally them towards a common cause. Images can profoundly affect people and urge them to action…
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Visual Arts - Visual Project
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Download file to see previous pages They symbolize moments in history when people held their ground in the face of violence and great danger. They are images that affected people all over the world deeply and made them rally together to prevent such happenings in future. They are images that inspired people in the past and continue to do so up to now. Fig.1: Burning Monk Fig. 2: Napalm Girl. This photo depicts Tibetan monk Thic Quang Duc self-immolating in 1969. He set himself on fire in protest of South Vietnam’s persecution of monks. Thic maintains the calm and meditative lotus position throughout the entire ordeal. He does not move or make a sound. The sacrifice, strength and courage to perform such an act is remarkable. The ethical perspective here is demonstrated in the difficult act of taking one’s own life to make a point to the government. The fact that the monk does not express any pain or agony like a normal human is what makes this image stand out from a critical perspective. The man sits calmly and meditatively yet he is on fire. Culturally, Buddhists monks have performed such acts of self-sacrifice in protest of government treatment. The shocking and memorable nature of this photo ignited worldwide interest in the government’s treatment of Buddhists. The government took steps to treat Buddhists fairly so that worldwide condemnation would stop. The next photo depicts people running away from a village in Vietnam after a napalm attack by soldiers. The girl survived by removing her clothes which were on fire. She survived the horrible burns and lived to tell her story. She brought home the reality of the Vietnam War and the suffering people were enduring, helping bring an end to it. Fig. 3&4: Ernesto Che Guevara Ernesto Che Guevara’s image is one of the most famous, adored and recognizable in the world. The Argentinian rebel campaigned for socialism as a means of bettering peoples’ lives. In this image, he emanates strength, courage and leadership. The photo became famous after Che was brutally executed while fighting as a rebel. On critical observation, the nature of the photo gives it the air of confidence that makes it so famous and popular. Che looks roguishly handsome in the photo. He radiates an almost unreal persona. He is wearing the rebel hat of choice; the beret. The combination of the beret and the leather jacket make him not only a political rebel, but also a social rebel. The photo gained worldwide appeal due to its charming and heroic nature. The juxtaposed photo, taken by the Bolivian government, depicts a dead Che. Even in death, he looks reposed and relaxed, with a peaceful, almost Christ-like, demeanor. He is surrounded by people who seem eager to confirm that he is indeed dead. The photo was released to prove that he was indeed dead, and to try to counter his public image. Che’s execution in Bolivia in 1967 made him a historical worldwide martyr and his image a symbol of revolutionaries everywhere. His execution did the opposite of what the government intended; instead of silencing him forever, it turned him into a people’s champion, ensuring his immortality. This image represents the ability of human courage to surpass even the grave. It shows that even though the government may kill you if you go against their wishes, your actions will live on in peoples’ memories. Fig. 5: Hector Pieterson Fig. 6: Palestinian Woman and Soldier This photo represents the 1976 Soweto uprising in South Africa. Police opened fire on school ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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