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The Marketing Communication Mix and a Significant Influence Towards Its Audience - Statistics Project Example

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This report aims at analyzing the context of marketing communication applied to consumer and the wider aspect of the business, mainly relating to the charity or funded organizations for similar purposes as to study how the marketing communication process differs amongst the two…
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Extract of sample "The Marketing Communication Mix and a Significant Influence Towards Its Audience"

Download file to see previous pages According to Quester (2006), in crude terms, marketing communication is a process whereby marketers communicate their organizational message to the customers, which is effectively aimed at either generating sales or enhancing the same; the factors such as corporate social responsibility and other messages of communication are purely aimed at enhancing the business sales as customers get inspired by the organizational responsiveness to the society. So ultimately, each message that the business moves through its marketing channels has one underlying reason – enhance or generate sales and why not, after all, businesses are meant to generate profits. Keeping the same purpose in mind, marketing communication becomes a critical aspect of discussion today, where business is in a cut-throat competition, particularly with reference to the recent global financial and economic crisis, the competition has drastically enhanced as consumers have very limited budgets and each of the business wants to gain the maximum of it. Essentially, according to Stone (2001), marketing communication is a derivation of the ‘promotion’ side of a marketing mix – others being pricing, product and placement. Marketing communication is also assumed as a mixture of some functions of marketing and sales. There are various components constituting this mixture and the quantities of these components vary depending on the design and requirements of a campaign. Within the course of this report, the consumer context implies the general consumer mainly of an FMCG, and the ‘wider context’ implies the stakeholders of the charitable or funded organizations such as the WWF. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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