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The Art of Film Making - Essay Example

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The world renowned film directors utilize the visual possibility of other fields related to cinematography and create superhero films/ adventure thrillers and films related to martial arts. …
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The Art of Film Making
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The Art of Film Making

Download file to see previous pages... To be specific, these film directors utilized historical contexts, themes/ narrative aspects, and stylistic/visual characteristics to create a virtual real world of heroism. Comparison /contrast: After going through the different elements of the art of filmmaking, it is evident that the elements like historical contexts, themes/ narrative aspects, and stylistic/visual characteristics of the films are examinable for the comparison/ contrast section. 1. Historical (political, cultural, philosophical) context of the films: The historical context of the film Spider-Man is related to the growth and development of Marvel Comics. To be specific, the director made use of the fictional character (Spiderman) from the Marvel Comics as the protagonist. Fowkes opined that “Upon becoming Spider-Man, Peter assumes a dual persona comprised of opposites: brain vs brawn, nerdy vs cool, weak vs strong, ordinary vs extraordinary” (130). One can see that fictional character of Spiderman deeply influenced the cultural context of America. For instance, the popular culture in America, especially the children/youngsters is deeply influenced by the heroism of Spiderman. Besides, the climax scene in the film is philosophical because Spiderman’s doubt on his dual identity as a normal individual and as a superhero is revealed through his words. One can argue that comic/fictional characters are related to childhood fantasy. Still, the success of the film as a superhero film proves that heroism is acceptable to all. The scene in the film, in which Peter Parker is bitten by a spider (say, genetically engineered) connects the film with the history of genetic engineering. Besides, the superhero image of the protagonist and his involvement in daily life situations helped the viewers to accept heroism as normal. On the other side, the film Lara Croft: Tomb Raider represents the development of video games and the adaptation of the same to the context of adventure thriller genre of films. The scenes in Egypt and Cambodia prove the film’s relation with history, especially archeology. One can easily identify that the film represent the philosophical quest of human beings to find out the secret of life. At the same time, the film is symbolic of human attempt to explore history by raiding tombs (say, the ancient pyramids). The first scene in the film, in which the heroine explores an ancient pyramid in Egypt, proves that the director provides ample importance to history and discovery of ancient relics. The film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is symbolic of the growth and development of martial arts in China. The scene in which Li Mu Bai explains the history of his sword (say, the Green Destiny) proves the importance of martial arts in China. One can easily identify that the director provides ample importance to the heroism of the main characters (say, Li Mu Bai and Jade Fox). From a different angle of view, the film is symbolic of the development of Wuxia genre films in Chinese context. The combat scenes in the film, especially between Li Mu Bai and Jade Fox, represent the historical importance of martial arts in China. For instance, the usage of poisoned needles during martial arts performance can be regarded as the portrayal of vengeance in human life. To be specific, the usage of poisoned needles during martial arts performance is against the ultimate aim of martial arts. In short, the films represent heroism in different historical contexts. Still, the philosophical content is same because these films represent the human search to find out the essence ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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