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How is technology helping our understanding of future architectural space throughout film representation and use of mixed realit - Essay Example

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Technology in Architecture and Future Representations Name: Institution: Introduction Film has become the most common form of media in the recent times. In the past, the role of film in architecture was restricted to the mere presentation of history and concepts during lectures…
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How is technology helping our understanding of future architectural space throughout film representation and use of mixed realit
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"How is technology helping our understanding of future architectural space throughout film representation and use of mixed realit"

Download file to see previous pages Previously, architecture was restricted to the simple two dimensional representations of drawings. Through film media, it is possible to create realistic and fathomable representation of architectural visualizations. The architectural designs create new avenues of creative thinking by analyzing the potential of the film depictions and the possibility of implementing the ideas in the real world (Hiller, 1996). Representing the experience of space Architectural designs are invariably communicated through representation. The link between the architect’s ideas and their implementation is through the process of representation. Traditionally, the most pervasive mode of representation has been through drawing of sketches to showcase the features that the architect wishes to express. In the final stages of architectural design, representation is done by technical drawings. However, these traditional representation methods are limited since they cannot allow one to fully experience space. Film has immense potential to add visual elements into architectural design. Through the use of film media, an architectural design can be experienced in an augmented reality (Aroztegui, 2010). It is possible to append the notion of motion into the representation of architectural design through film. ...
Through the use of advanced computer graphics, architectural designs can be represented in films creatively to an extent that one feels to be transported to another space. By using a scripted narrative, film cultivates the concept of space in a compelling space. The interconnection of all senses during a film representation of architectural design makes experience of space to be near reality (Henzel & Menges, 2009). Also, space and body are closely related and they can be tied together through experience. Thus, film can bring futuristic architectural designs into perspective and help in the progress of architecture. Filming and architecture: Filming space and embodiment The core purpose of a film is to create compelling scenes that are as close to reality as possible to keep the audience captivated. The best films are those that immerse their audience in their narration and representation: so much that the audience feels to be actually transported to another place and time as depicted in the film (Awan et al, 2009). For true appreciation, architecture has to be experienced in the perspective of reality so that the audience can relate to it. The eye is primarily the means by which people relate and experience space. Architectural designs in film are sculpted through a combination of visual and audio narration. The audience identifies with the film’s representation first through the gaze of the camera and seeing architectural objects from a vantage point. As the audience is captivated by this vision, they are bound to engage other senses into the narration. Evidently, the narration and representation in the film can trigger the imagination of the audience ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Is Technology Helping Our Understanding of Future Architectural Essay.
“How Is Technology Helping Our Understanding of Future Architectural Essay”, n.d.
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