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Gerome (Napoleon In Egypt) v.s Manet (Gypsy with Cigarette) - Term Paper Example

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Gerome (Napoleon in Egypt) v/s Manet (Gypsy with Cigarette) A comparative Study between the two paintings Meghana Gerome (Napoleon in Egypt) v/s Manet (Gypsy with Cigarette) Introduction to French Artistic Movement: The artistic movement in France has a prolonged history…
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Gerome (Napoleon In Egypt) v.s Manet (Gypsy with Cigarette)
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Download file to see previous pages Romanticism and Impressionism were among these artistic movements. The paintings of two major painters of these two movements have been taken for discussion in the paper. The first painter is Jean-Leon Gerome from Romantic Movement, and the second painter is Edouard Manet from impressionist movement. The masterpieces of these two painters we have taken are “Napoleon in Egypt,” and “Gypsy with Cigarette.” Before discussing the two masterpieces of these painters from two movements, it is necessary to understand the background of these two movements. Keywords: artistic movement, France, romanticism, impressionism, Napoleon in Egypt, Gypsy with Cigarette Romanticism and impressionism: The period of Romanticism has the element of heroism. This heroic element was combined with revolutionary idealism to produce a style. The painting called “Napoleon in Egypt,” has the qualities of a typical romantic movement painting. Impressionism or impressionist movement started first in France at the end of 19th Century. The major concern of impressionists was the effect of light on an object rather than the exact presentation of the form. Vivid colours were basically used than the dull or dark colours. This movement is also known as optical realism as it focuses on actual visual experience and effect of light and movement on appearance of object. Equation 1Napoleon in Egypt Napoleon in Egypt Middle East and Northern Africa had been the centre of attraction for many artists from romantic era. The artists such as Delacroix, Jean-Leon Gerome (1824–1904), Theodore Chasseriau (1819–1856), Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps (1803–1860), and William Holman Hunt (1827–1910), travelled to the near East such as Egypt, and other Arab countries. Orientalist painting was the popular form of art and painting in the nineteenth century and it was greatly influenced by artists' direct experience of everyday life in Cairo and other Near Eastern cities and settlements. The genre of the painting is associated with heroism. Jean-Leon Gerome was a French painter as well as sculptor. He strongly opposed the movement of impressionism started by Monet and Manet. He continued to cherish and develop the French Neo-classicism. Like other artists in 19th century Jean- Leon Gerome had attracted towards East. Somewhere the superiority complex of the Western painters reflects in their painting. That might be the reason why Gerome has painted the picture of Napoleon as a warrior. Somewhere the painting represents the obsession of imperialism and establishing complete dominance on East. Jean- Leon Gerome belongs to the romantic era of art and sculpture. Some of the major attributes of Romanticism has been represented by the painting of Napoleon in Egypt. The major characteristics of Romanticism are as follows: Nationalism and Exoticism Subjectivity Vivid and passionate artwork Heroism The painting of Napoleon in Egypt has almost all the characteristics of the romantic era. It represents the nationalism as well as exoticism. Nationalism was one of the important vehicles of Romanticism. It was the era of major political changes in France. Napoleon became the inspiration for the painters like Jean- Leon Gerom. The pride of winning the world is reflected on the face of Napoleon which must be the pride of the painter. While painting Napoleon, Jean- Leon Gerome might have been patriotic. It was because Napoleon belonged to the same country where Jean- Leon Gerome was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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