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Fanboys Film Reaction - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: ‘Fanboys’ - Film Reaction The film ‘Fanboys’ is based on the road trip taken by the group of friends. They take this road trip with the aim of seeing/stealing the yet to be released movie of their dreams. They do this because they want to make their friend happy…
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Fanboys Film Reaction
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Download file to see previous pages This includes the community interested in comic books, super heroes and certain fictional characters they admired in childhood (Davis 2). The cultural diversities displayed in this film are quite extraordinary. The manner in which people interact with one another is also something worth noting. This paper will review how the film brings about the cultural differences between the characters and the roles they all portray. In assessing the film, it is very easy to notice the filmmaker’s choice of setting for the film as he takes the audience back to the past. This was at a time where society expected a lot from men. Society expected them to be responsible enough to have steady, well-paying jobs. Society expected that from everyone who graduated from high school so they can be able to stand up for themselves. The work of art that the filmmaker sought to go after came in the form of this film (2). It is dedicated to all the faithful ones who dare to dream. Some other works of art can be represented in the same form. However, the most important thing to understand is what the creator of the work of art has had in mind. Once an individual gets to see with the filmmaker’s eyes, then and only then he/she becomes able to fully understand and appreciate the true meaning of art. When assessing other films, it is very easy to lose sight of what the intended purpose was. ...
The characters act in this manner not another to portray the true identity of the people they address to or familiarise themselves with. Without these differences it is highly likely that it will be impossible to tell who is who while the film proceeds to the end. It is imperative that the filmmaker and many others clearly define such roles to have the desired effects (3). To prevent the audience from having a negative image of the message made by the characters and the movie itself, it is important to understand that the film was not directed to satisfy a specific group of people. Sometimes the characters behave in a way that may not be good. It can take a long time to stop calls coming in from all over to ban the work of art that was hard to make. The production and viewing of such a film should allow everyone to be culturally diverse in the roles they play in society. Everyone who watches the film can get a clear vision and perception of how cultures and people in society relate to one another in spite of their differences. It concerns both the film industry and real life. These divergent cultures usually end up shaping the new way for people to live. The characters of the film appreciate different cultures presented in the film (3). This further leads to the global acceptance of certain ways and modes of living, thus, encouraging living in peace, harmony and understanding. All this helps to bring the world together under what is commonly known as a global village. The filmmaker gets to show these roles in very different ways. He introduces people from different areas making them interact within the film (3). With their introduction, the audience gets to see the culturally diverse roles they play. Even though the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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