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How is societys development (its action and history) determined by the way in which humans perceive rules, belief system and values - Essay Example

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This assignment expounds on the way society’s development reflected in its history and actions is determined by how people perceive rules, their values, and belief systems. This research paper also underlines the fact that social structures are not as fairly as we assume on a number of occasions. …
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How is societys development (its action and history) determined by the way in which humans perceive rules, belief system and values
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Extract of sample "How is societys development (its action and history) determined by the way in which humans perceive rules, belief system and values"

Download file to see previous pages Venice Beach is lovely, but is home to brutal gangs involved in racism and crime. Derek and Danny are intelligent students. In the film, we see Derek’s father (William Russ), who is a fire fighter, as a racist. Derek’s life changes when African-American goons kill his father while on duty fighting a fire on Crompton Den. Derek embraces crime and joins a neo-Nazi racist gang; D.O.C (Disciples of Christ) (American History X,1998). He steadily rises up the gang ranks where he becomes the neighbourhood’s most feared racist and criminal. He also embarks on recruiting other young whites into the gang. The gang is notorious for intimidating its targets. All along, Derek’s family is unaware of his criminal duels until Derek picks an argument with Murray, his mum’s boyfriend, himself a Jew. Later in the night, Derek kills two Black-Americans of the Crisps gang whom he catches as they try to the family truck left by their father. Derek is apprehended and charged with voluntary manslaughter (American History X, 1998). He is sentenced to three years in the Men’s California Institution. He later joins the prison gang called Aryan Brotherhood. He becomes disillusioned with the gang after sometime because of the gang’s narcotic trafficking business. Derek befriends, Lamont, who is a Black-American inmate and works with him, in the facility’s laundry. Other neo-Nazi operatives see this and Derek is subjected to rape and torture in the prison’s showers. In the meantime, Derek’s brother, Danny, has adapted to gang life, where he spends time with racial groups and commits crimes. Derek has transformed and views life differently when released from prison. His brother’s links to racial and crime gangs annoys Derek. Danny’s new gang life is a product of influence by Derek’s ideologies and criminal behavior before apprehension. Derek tries to instill some sense into Danny about the harsh life in prison. He tries to advice and stop Danny from following the same criminal path he (Derek) once pursued. Danny internalizes his brother’s advice and vows to quit gang life. There plan to move their family away from the crime infested neighbourhood ends abruptly when Danny is killed the following day by a Black-American he had confronted earlier. The movie is a nonlinear narrative given an "R" rating by movie analysts. The movie is heavily loaded with dirty language, explicit sexuality, and violence expounded through acts of rape. Derek portrays an angry, moody, and hateful youth violating society norms. He is sometimes likeable towards individuals around him especially his brother Danny. The support cast in the film maximumly executes their roles and strengths to the fullest. With this kind of background, we can assess and dissect the question in this assignment (American History X, 1998). American History X brings out features of social stratification in society. The belief that people of different social classes cannot live together in harmony has derailed society’s development through out history (Pascuale). Social antagonistic divisions based on racial lines characterize social stratification in American History X: people of different races perceiving each other as enemies. Derek and Danny are born in a white lower class family, and later bred ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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