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Maria Full of Grace by Joshua Marston - Essay Example

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Instructor Date Maria Full of Grace by Joshua Marston Summary The film Maria Full of Grace by Joshua Marston revolves around a bright young Columbian woman who takes care of her family due to the salary obtained from floriculture. Despite the fact that she is pregnant, Maria is so much determined to continue taking care of her family even after her resignation from the current job…
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Maria Full of Grace by Joshua Marston
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Download file to see previous pages Convinced that the job is easy and with great rewards, Maria flies to the USA with approximately sixty-tow pellets of cocaine that she swallowed, in her stomach. Nonetheless, not all the plans seemed to work as scheduled. Maria lands herself in a dangerous and deadly world where those who smuggle drugs face serious penalties including imprisonment or death sentence. Maria falls into the trap of Franklin who introduced her to the smuggling of cocaine. However, Franklin does not tell her directly regarding the smuggling of cocaine but, rather, gives her a business proposition involving traveling from one place to another. The traveling offered by Franklin is meant to give Maria some extra money to help catering for her family that has been depending on the meager salary obtained from the flower garden. Nevertheless, the traveling involved smuggling of drugs from one place to another in order to obtain the rewards promised by Franklin (Snyder 58). The fact that Maria gets pregnant from a man (Juan) she does not love compounds her problems. Even though she uses her pregnancy to avoid being X-rayed in a bid to finding out whether she is a drug mule following her suspicious movement, other mules find themselves in trouble, and this makes Maria escapes with Blanca. In the process, the traffickers kill Lucy as they open her up to retrieve the drug pellets (Snyder 89). When Maria and Blanca go to Lucy’s sister house to live there, they do inform her of Lucy’s death. Narrative Structure In a bid to pass his message, Joshua Marston creates a tension-filled drama of a woman who goes into smuggling of drugs due to poverty. The young energetic woman does all she can to pull herself out of the doldrums of poverty whilst also ensuring that every member of the family receives all the basic needs. Joshua Marston’s film does not spare the viewers of the frightening scenes and dimensions of being a drug mule. Such frightening scenes include swallowing of the 62 cocaine pellets, explosion of cocaine pellet in one of the co-workers leading to her death, as well as pressures from both drug dealers in the US and customs officers. In addition, the film director attempts to narrate the same ideas through bringing in death, dangers, betrayal, and violence that are common in societies (Snyder). Through Maria, Joshua Marston brings out the idea of courage and determination that every individual should possess. There is no doubt that Joshua displays a humanistic picture of a young woman’s solitary life that is ready to accomplish her mission, irrespective of the method applicable. According to her, the result justifies the means, contrary to the usual moral way of the society where the means should justify the result. The author narrates about such a life within the looming shadows of economic and cultural crises, with special reference to the United States of America. It is undeniable that a strong political statement is applicable in narrating the whole story in which there is the creation of a universal plight of the main characters through bringing together the personal, social, and political aspects of the whole scenario. At the end, the film director dramatizes connections, as well as contradictions existing between political realities in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Maria Full of Grace by Joshua Marston Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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