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A clue about current socialpolitical issue - Essay Example

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The film is enfolded with socio-political commentary on drug trafficking in America. Joshua Marston wrote this play of social-political in 2004, and the setting of this play is…
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A clue about current socialpolitical issue
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Extract of sample "A clue about current socialpolitical issue"

Drug trafficking as one of the Social political issue “Maria Full of Grace” is a fascinating story of a young lady’s journey toward self-discovery. The film is enfolded with socio-political commentary on drug trafficking in America. Joshua Marston wrote this play of social-political in 2004, and the setting of this play is America Joshua wrote his work targeting the drug traffickers like Maria, who found herself in a miserable life. The author captivates its audience by showing how poverty can make people like Maria and Lucy to be mule.
The author uses his work to pass fundamental values and assumption by using one of the protagonists to show the effect drugs have to young people who engage themselves in drug trafficking. Maria Alvarez work at the rose plantation where she could use the little salary she get to support her family. In her ambition to find a well-paying job and the need to get fulfill Maria, she ends up suffering emotional and psychologically.
The author has done his research perfectly, and this enables him to know the major thing that is causing young people to engage themselves in drug trafficking. The argument he present in his play depicts a solid reasoning that Joshua possess as his argument were not based on rumors or wishful thinking hence enabled him to present his work on an empirical manner.
The author has tried to convince his audiences that poverty is the main factor that is causing young people like Maria to become mules. However, poverty is not necessary the main cause that is making people be mule but greed is also another factor responsible in causing other people like Maria to join drug traffickers. Therefore, Joshua have is jumping to the conclusion without considering other factors like gluttony which some use to became drug traffickers.
Despite, poor economic conditions and moral failures of people such as Lucy, Maria and Blanca, political corruption still contributes to an increase in drug traffickers. Many individual have used their economic and political power to facilitate drug trafficking as they used their political power and money to bribe the police. Therefore, the government must also not concentrate on people like Maria but also on those who are harnessing their financially viable and political power to perpetuate the drug trafficking.
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