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Earnest Etinne Narjot - Painting, Drawing, Print - Essay Example

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The researcher of this essay aims to explore the art of Earnest Etinne Narjot. Earnest Etinne Narjot is one of the American great artists who live between 1826 and1898 and painted thousand of very fine pieces of art. One of his fine art was the mother and her child…
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Earnest Etinne Narjot - Painting, Drawing, Print
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Download file to see previous pages The essay "Earnest Etinne Narjot - Painting, Drawing, Print" concerns the art of Earnest Etinne Narjot. In the hues (color) use of his oil painting, Narjot has used white, black, and brown. The brown color that is used on the curtain is moderately light, which may be considered as being orange. Such color is perceived as a warm color and certainly contributes to the comfort and warm atmosphere of this piece of work. This complements the content of the outlook of the painting. In addition to the warm color, the mother in the painting is in a black blouse while her child is putting a white cloth consequently bringing out a contrast of white and black as they are, at the center of the oil painting. The perceptions of Viewers are therefore more engrossed to the center of the image with the mother and her baby being the focus of the painting. In the values used, that is darkness or lightness, the painting depicts complementary interplay of both lightness and darkness utilized by the artist in his work. To begin with, there is a shadow on both the mother and her child’s face which is a clear indication that at the center of the painting there is a grater intensity of light. Actually, the amount of light used by the artist is bright enough to permit the image viewers to observe the child’s blanket as well as the pattern on the blouse of the mother. This means that, the focus, illuminates, and the light of the painting seem s to be coming from ceiling (top) of the picture, as the rays of light. in the painting see ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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