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Art Mediums Collage Making, Charcoal Drawing, Acrylic Painting and Water Color Painting - Research Paper Example

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The paper explores Four Art Mediums: Collage Making, Charcoal Drawing, Acrylic Painting and Water Color Painting. Collage making is generally a combination of hand-made papers, photographs, and parts of other artwork put/stuck or glued together to a canvas or a base…
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Art Mediums Collage Making, Charcoal Drawing, Acrylic Painting and Water Color Painting
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Download file to see previous pages The paper "Art Mediums Collage Making, Charcoal Drawing, Acrylic Painting and Water Color Painting" discovers the Collage Making, Charcoal Drawing, Acrylic Painting and Water Color Painting - four art mediums. Collage making involves a lot of creativity. Pieces can be put together in a number of ways to create two different types of collage; two dimensional collage, and three dimensional collage. When pieces of paper are glued on the canvas or base-board, we get a two dimensional look; this is a 2D collage. Three dimensional look or 3D collage is obtained when broken pieces of wood, glass, stones etc., are glued on a base-board or canvas. As early as 1912, some great artist such as Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, and Juan Gris were already doing some amazing collage art. Just like any other form of art, collage is not difficult once you understand the technique and theme, it only becomes complex or simpler depending on what one as an artist is trying to achieve. Below are some sample collage artwork by some famous contemporary artists of the 20th century. Charcoal is undisputedly one of the oldest art materials so is charcoal drawing. Our ancestors used charcoal to draw on cave walls. Charcoal is very easy to manufacture and thus it is an essential artistic tool. Since it is made from selected woods in little or no oxygen conditions, charcoal as an artistic material is stable over a long period of time. However, charcoal has less color saturation when compared to other artistic materials. which have greater saturation but do not last long (Goldman 71). One major disadvantage of using is its dusting-off tendency. Despite this, charcoal drawing as an artistic medium is superb. The sensitivity and spontaneity of using charcoal as a drawing medium gives charcoal drawing an edge above the other drawing media (Fitzgerald 55-63). With charcoal drawing, very painterly drawings, as if done using a brush can be made. Charcoal drawing is so responsive, direct, and fast and is considered to be a less inhibiting medium. Charcoal drawing can produce both fluid and bold lines with greater host of textures as well as fine gradations for shadings. Several drawing techniques such as gestural drawing, contour drawing, and volume drawing can be used with charcoal. The soft nature of charcoal gives an artist a painterly feel. Charcoal is the only drawing medium which gives an artist the ability to imitate Chinese ink brush painting. This is because it is easy for an artist to imitate the contour lines o a Chinese painting in charcoal. With charcoal drawing, an artist is able to gesture without doing big shapes and getting down into detail. Just as many other drawing media, charcoal strongly responds to grain of the paper it is used on. Acrylic painting This painting medium is one of the newest. It was introduced as recent as 1955. Since its introduction, acrylic paintings have come a long way and now there is a wide-range of paints. Acrylic painting is a painting technique that offers both experienced and new artist a very flexible painting method. It is a water-based painting medium. The consistency and the usual texture of acrylic paintings is some-what similar to that of oil-paints. However, acrylics are available in a variety of densities unlike oils. They range from ink-like, very thin consistency that can be used in air brushes to various flow degree. This enables an artist to achieve 3Dlike effects (impasto). This ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Art Mediums Collage Making, Charcoal Drawing, Acrylic Painting and Research Paper.
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