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O'Brien and Szeman Critical Insight - Essay Example

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Introduction The concepts of contemporary art and popular culture are continuously transforming and metamorphosing into different concepts. This is inclusive of experimentation and transformations that are coming from cultural expressions and ideologies. The concepts by O’Brien and Szeman that relate to the different types of cultural expression further the new possibilities, specifically with the notions of hybridization in culture and in the expressions of contemporary art…
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OBrien and Szeman Critical Insight
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Download file to see previous pages O’Brien and Szeman The concepts of O’Brien and Szeman show that there is a direct correlation between cultural expressions and the new possibilities within contemporary art. This begins with the understanding of techniques that are used with art and how this is beginning to transform. The first concept is related to ideas of language. In popular culture, this is beginning to transform, break down and alter into new expressions and ideologies. The approach taken is one which is defined specifically by new expressions that are combining disciplines. The idea of language is one which begins to move into concepts of how language can be expressed in visual arts, multimedia, dance and other concepts. Integrating this into artistic forms and developing a sense of hybridity allows individuals and the languages to move forward with specific concepts and to create a sense of understanding that moves outside of the traditional ideas of language and into something that is understood within popular culture. O’Brien and Szeman continue this concept with the ideas of signs, representation and discourse. The ideas of hybridity and ways in which these theories turn into new expressions lead into different areas of exploration. ...
Instead of creating a representation that is based on a medium, the medium becomes a tool that is used with the representation or discourse that is being expressed. With this concept, one is able to combine different types of artistic works to move a step further with the representations that are being created. Critical Insight The concepts which are associated with O’Brien and Szeman are one of the leading changes that are occurring within the arts create questions based on how the popular culture and contemporary art turn into hybrid and interdisciplinary approaches. The concepts of hybridity that come from the main tools recognized by the two authors are only one of the components that are a part of creating interdisciplinary approaches to art. This is further transformed with ideas and representations which are based on exploration. The idea of exploration with the mediums and the arts as well as popular culture, is one of the defining points of art work. Without this, artists wouldn’t be able to create and express what is needed. The tools discussed then become a way to experiment and interchange the ideas of discourse, signs or language used with the techniques that are related to O’Brien and Szeman. The main concept which is associated with the theories is one which is based on ideas of expression and creation. The most important challenge that is created is one that is based on how art can move forward in both terms of experimentation and in popular culture. Using techniques, such as certain mediums, as well as combining this with different concepts of practices, is one that is now becoming secondary. The question which is being ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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O'Brien and Szeman Critical Insight Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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