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Introduction to Modern Art and Visual Culture - Essay Example

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The essay investigates modern art and visual culture. The curiosity about institutions, society, the past, human relations and nature was fostered by the industrial revolution. There was the desire to seek rational and concrete understanding of phenomenon based on facts and experiences…
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Introduction to Modern Art and Visual Culture
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Extract of sample "Introduction to Modern Art and Visual Culture"

Download file to see previous pages The essay "Introduction to Modern Art and Visual Culture" analyzes modern art and visual culture. There was need for creation of accurate pictures of ancient times. Contemporary human conditions took center stage focus with an accompaniment of an empirical mindset on the rise of conflicting ideas regarding the traditional role and hierarchies in society and nature. The nineteenth century art paved way for modern perspectives into the field of visual art. The French art embeds the redress of long-term imbalance in artistic developments. There were trials by artists to maintain reality from different perspectives. Many are the occasions when misinterpretations took a toll on artworks whenever the public or critics never augured well with any work. The Gross was largely considered as public propaganda making it hard to see through the artists’ eye. The French military was plague stricken and affected by rumors, body politics, and colonial aggression and poisoning. Critics found the painting to be more of a focus on masculinity. According to Grigsby, there was need for new courage in facing the military regalia. The argument maintains that the Gros covered up irrationality in the French army and citizens. The uniformed officer represents positive response to domestic disintegration and civil war and not by any chance an endorsed propaganda on the state. Drawings made a leeway into the era of visual arts. Artists like Millet took this with passion portraying what the world was in the ancient times.
In this artistic practice, Millet took drawing as a platform step to completion of his paintings. There is rural imagery n the painting showing the plight of farmers. The painting brings out the controversy of poverty and countryside depopulation with a need for social change. The painting makes a creation of rural vocabulary in epic naturalization. The drawing gives a picture of what the painter must have been surrounded with at the time of his works. The peasants of the time must have hung on existence. The plougher having hunched shoulders faces constrain from the landscape with the plougher firmly set on the ground. This painting seems to remind the viewer of the earthbound nature of humans in an endlessness of labor focusing on harvesting. Criticisms that face the 19th century arts do not leave Manet’s Olympia. There have been hoards of negative criticism from both Parisian public and critics.(Kahn, 67) The painting of Olympia was from the point of View of Manet. The times must have influenced his point of view and produced the results that face so much criticism of his artistic display. It only seemingly became an oversight through the nudity of the painted woman, which the 1865 generation was not ready to receive. The controversy came about with Olympia perceived as a portrayal of prostitution by the Parisian public. It was a fear of the changes that could face the society and the arousal of a political air on the magnitude of permissiveness of changes in rules. Creativity at the time faced so much influence from public opinion and critics. The society was tied to old traditions and beliefs and was not so receptive to art works displaying the realities of the times in which they were living. The nudity of Olympia though intended to raise the presentation of Venus to a higher-level faced criticism at the blunt exposure, which it gave to female nudity.the nudity of Olympia, scandalized the wretch in the society. It brought out the reality of prostitution that was present in the Parisian society ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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