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Summary of Articles Concerning Semiotic Pedagogy - Annotated Bibliography Example

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The paper contains the annotated bibliography of articles about the education at Northern Illinois University such as "Northern Illinois University: Reflections on semiotics, visual culture, and pedagogy" and "Northern Illinois University: Intersections of Semiotics and Visual pedagogy" …
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Summary of Articles Concerning Semiotic Pedagogy
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Extract of sample "Summary of Articles Concerning Semiotic Pedagogy"

Download file to see previous pages In the past, learning art only entailed being taught the history of art, art aesthetics, and art criticism. This approach relied on the concept of art being a disciplinary subject where signs and codes were disregarded. However, involving semiotics enables the development of this approach in order to perceive art as interdisciplinary. In other words, Smith argues that art also involves the coding and decoding of visual culture. This approach has largely depended on the current technological innovations, especially in the IT sector. Charles Pierce, in the nineteenth century, predicted this development in the literature by saying that further instructions in the process of teaching and learning will need to be included n the future as the world evolved. For instance, art teachers base their ideas on their own reflections, experiences, and interests. Understanding, thinking, and making connections between these factors enable their ideas to make sense. Moreover, Pierce argues that these factors describe the goals of contemporary semiotic pedagogy.
The author tries to aid the location of the exact intersection points of semiotics and art education. Furthermore, other than find this point of intersection, Smith-Shank (2003), seeks to identify the signs backed by symbols in different cultures that contribute to the formation of art education. Therefore, this research aims at discovering the fine art and artifacts, inclusive of cultures that contributed to their formation and pinpointing their relevance in art education. On attainment of this relevance supported by the surrounding values, then it can be incorporated in art education for purposes of instilling knowledge or such. Moreover, for decades now, art serves the purpose of bridging the transmission of diverse cultures in different communities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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