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Theater of war - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Course: Date Theater of War The film ‘Theater of War’ belongs in the genre of documentaries. The film narrates of the about stories of war in the Bush administration. The screen play is a superb reminder of the events that took place in war zones like Iraq and gives a good account of some of the things which people never know…
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Theater of war
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Download file to see previous pages Today, there is war in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. A lot of American soldiers are constantly being sent in this war zones. When you think about the families of these soldiers, they are anxiously waiting for their children to return (Buruma 6). Wars have always resulted to death and sorrow in families and leave many people worry. In the movie, we see the mother worried sick about her son who has gone to war. It is a very moving since every mother understands the value of having a son. Wars have always been in place and resulted to too many disasters as innocent people die. In relation to the movie, the mother mentioned in the book is a representation of love. Mothers are usually lovely and soothing to their children and always want good things. In the movie, mothers are likened to real mothers in life. In life, most mothers are caring and love seeing good things happening to their families. My mother for example can be likened to the mother in the story since she is loving and caring to me. Whenever any person in the family gets sick or gets involved in an accident, she is always concerned (Buruma 6). From the star of time, mothers have always cared for the young ones. Soldiers in this movie are expressed as heartless on carrying out some of their duties. Living in these times, such can be correlated to mass murders carried out by certain leaders. A good example could be Muamar Gaddafi, ex-president of Libya, who after being evicted from power, revolted widely and resulted to mass murder of people. The storyline depicts heartless people to be existent in the war area, but such people still exist in these current times. I would also like to recommend this movie to be viewed at our local theater since it has a good message to the viewers. To me, I think it would be an eye opener to the people concerning the reality of wars. In addition, certain virtues could be learnt from them movie and even borrowed by other people (Buruma 6). The movie can be viewed by all groups of people since it does not contain explicit details. The English of the narrator is good and employs good narration skills of the events ensuring that the documentary is understood clearly. Furthermore, by it being played in the local theater, it would encourage community cohesion. I would like this play to be viewed by our community because I believe it is beneficial and inspiring as the truth about wars is unveiled. In addition, different characters express characteristics of people in the society and some people might learn from it. From my own perspective, the movie is good and should be watched by as much people as possible since they will be able to learn about the evils of war and try never to indulge in it (Buruma 6). War like people in the community could learn the repercussions of war and calm down. In addition, the movie would help to strengthen familial ties since people would appreciate the importance of family in times of crisis. In addition, a lot of gruesome scenes which the writer talks about are not shown hence becoming a good movie for all ages to see. Furthermore, the community members would be fascinated by viewing the movie as it has good teachings. In summary, this movie is a good documentary movie on wars and a great eye opener on real issues that occur and surround wars. Many life lessons are also learnt from the movie as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Theater of War Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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