Economic Development amid the Non (or Semi) Democratic political institutions in Southeast Asia - Term Paper Example

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This paper gives an overview of Burma’s (Myanmar) political regime before 2011. For a long period of time, Burma has been under a political regime that can be described as a militarised nondemocratic system with its head of state being the chairman of the State Peace and development Council…
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Economic Development amid the Non (or Semi) Democratic political institutions in Southeast Asia
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Download file to see previous pages There are reports claiming that during the 2008 referendum which concurred with the cyclone Nargis, victims of the cyclone in the cyclone-affected areas were forced to vote ‘yes’ for the national referendum. The Union of Solidarity and Development Association (USDA) which is a non-military/civilian wing of the dictatorship threatened to cut relief supplies or inflict violence to anyone who voted against the proposed constitution. The new constitution was thus supported and enacted with 92.48% of the voters endorsing it. This indicates that despite the presence of opposition, total democracy was far from reach in Burma because these democrats were not likely to win the elections and referendums. These activities were oppressed and controlled by the nondemocratic military regime. Apart from inhuman treatment of the people, there was also a violation of the right of freedom of speech by the military regime. Burma citizens had little power to critic and correct the militarised nondemocratic political regime. Zarnagar, a comedian and a dissident was arrested for criticising the ruling generals in public for their sluggish and inadequate response to the cyclone Nargis. He was charged with offences of public order and his computer and many banned films were seized by secret police. When human conditions worsened because of the unmerited fuel price increase in 2007 in Burma, Charles Petrie, the United Nations Burma country chief, issued a statement on UN Day concerning the worsening humanitarian crisis in Burma. Because of this, he was expelled. Generally, the militarised nondemocratic government reinforced its rule by making use of pervasive security apparatus with Directorate of Defense Services Intelligence (DDSI), the military intelligence organization...
The intention of this study is Burma as an example of how the economy of a nation can suffer because of poor leadership styles. For about half a century, the country has been under a militarized nondemocratic government which has grown to become more and more oppressive over time. the country has witnessed one of the worst violations of human rights because of a bad political regime. In efforts to maintain thumb of rule in the country the regime formulated poor and unattractive economic policies which have discouraged both local and foreign investment in the country. The land policies have acted as disincentives for the people to undertake land development and this has retarded the competitiveness of the nation’s agriculture. There are many and powerful global examples of highly developed nations that are ruled by democratic civilian governments. The US, UK, Canada, South Africa are just but a mention. This means that there are hopes that the end of the nondemocratic militarized regime will bring Burma back on the road to development. Economic development is an important prerequisite for greater stability, prosperity, equality, stability, and better livelihoods. With the recent advent of the new Burma’s civilian, democratic government, it is of due significance that the international community should help direct the new Burma’s government into achieving economic developments that are sustainable. This will be very instrumental in ensuring that the repressed people of Burma receive the right food, education, health, security and happiness they deserve. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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